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A new Revelation Online 5-player dungeon has opened up in the Tower of Pain

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    <p>RO Imperial Coins A new Revelation Online 5-player dungeon has opened up in the Tower of Pain that sends groups on an upward trajectory to the eighth floor. In between the entry and the top however are numerous bosses that are not afraid to fight and to counter player abilities in all new ways.

    It is both inspiring and terrifying and serves as the primary location for one of the oldest spiritual challenges to mankind. It opens its doors every 1,000 years.

    Now a new millennium has hit and the doors are open again. This 5-man dungeon will test your very soul throwing all sorts of bosses in your way to prevent you from reaching the 8th floor pinnacle. Those who fail will be cast down into to a flaming pit where beasts and monsters wait for fresh meat. Those who wish to re-climb the tower must survive this death-trap to prove themselves. Do you dare to try this dungeon?

    Created with the intention to strengthen buy Revelation Online Coins the connection with the earthly world the four mystical beasts later sealed their very own essence within the tower to serve as keepers and guardians. These living reflections of the creators dissuade the weak and unworthy from entering and test those who dare to accept the challenge of reaching the pinnacle of the tower.

    BY online welcome!


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