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affecting the popularity of smart homes

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    <p>Wang Jun told reporters that the current smart home solutions provided by various manufacturers are quite different and lack commonality, thus affecting the popularity of smart homes. For the unification of smart home standards, Wang Zhiliang has his own opinion.</p>
    <p>He told reporters that many people are now proposing to achieve a unified standard through top-level design, but this does not meet the actual situation. How should the standard be produced? In my opinion, it should be a number of key companies that have been interconnected first,</p>
    <p>then from corporate standards, to industry standards, and finally to national standards. Wang Zhiliang said. In Wang Zhiliang's opinion, from the perspective of long-term development of smart homes, there must be a unified standard. But at present, smart homes are still in the early stages of development.</p>
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