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Bad Luck The Referee Did Not Give A Penalty

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  1. Article 170 Man City 0-0 Manchester derby at Old Trafford, Manchester United have the advantage of presence of the surface, but played no offensive efficiency audience only 6 shots 1 shot is. Manchester United players after the game coach Louis van Gaal satisfied with the performance, Buy fut 16 coins and the results are somewhat disappointing.

    Van Gaal said: "I am proud of my players, I think we played a tough game of 90 minutes the two teams are very tactical, very compact and organized formation, Manchester City and we adjusted the lineup to play. They want to fight our fight back. "

    "Week in the Champions League and Sevilla's game, they used two strikers in formation, and today with a lone striker, a player in midfield increased, so this is a tough game. We created more opportunities, but we did not take, it's a bit disappointed, because you have to win this game for the fans. It is a derby, when you are so focused as we focus today, you should win the cheap fut 16 coins game, but sometimes you can not get You deserve something. "

    The first 50 minutes Herrera inside the area to be Sterling tripped Wayne Rooney penalty to the referee Clattenburg ignored, Van Gaal thought it was a penalty, he said: "We have no luck, because I've seen the video, and Heredia Pull should get a penalty, but the referee did not give us, because he is hard to see. You can clearly see Stirling did not hit the ball, he met Herrera's legs. This season we have no luck, I would imagine that this penalty is very difficult for the referee, it was not a big problem, but this season is not the first time such. "

    Rooney continues to play in the doldrums today, a reporter asked Rooney after the game to continue to question the Van Gaal refused to answer, he said: "Why do I talk about every week Wayne Rooney I will not say more, because I'm tired? a. "

    Although there is no break but Manchester United did not lose the ball, the defense, Van Gaal said:. "Our defense organization well, we defend not just rely on the back line of buy fut 16 coins defense from Rooney began our defense organizations are usually very good, just when Arsenal and not very good, a lot of players that game we start very bad, while Arsenal started well. "

    After the field, behind Manchester United and Arsenal are two points, the gap is not large. For the championship, Van Gaal believes that the future promising:. "When you see the game today, I think the fans will be proud of for the players, because when I walked back to the locker room, fans have been for us to applaud addition, fans also saw the tournament scene: Manchester United dominated the game like they did disappoint me, because you have to win this game, but our style of play showed hopeful about the future. ".
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