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bathrooms are basically floor tiles

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    <p>told reporters that the decoration staff's selection of materials for the owners to get kickbacks has long been a well-known hidden rule in the industry. The ceramic industry is the place where fishing rebates are the most, because kitchens and bathrooms are basically floor tiles.</p>
    <p>If the decorators help the owners choose the tiles, the rebate can get about 30% of the money, which is much larger than the profit of the dealer. Sometimes he does not have the heart to look at the owners. As for the ceramic tile brand that Mr. Zhao purchased for Mr. Zhao,</p>
    <p>Manager Chen said that the brand is designed specifically for designers, that is, designers rely on customers in the past, and designers can get more than 30% rebates. In order to prevent the designer from beating his clothes, when the FIT shoppers usually buy products at their own homes,</p>
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