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 Home Moms Site Work
  Home Moms Site Work

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    WASHINGTON (AP) — A bad stretch for Mitt Romney just got worse, and Republican insiders now are growing increasingly pessimistic shox discount shoes about the GOP presidential nominee’s chances of winning the White House.
    The latest heartburn for these insiders is Romney’s refusal to back down from his statement that nearly half of Americans believe they are victims dependent upon government.
    After his remarks, made to donors at a private fundraiser in May, came to light in a video, the candidate defended his position Nike Air Max — and did so again Tuesday. He told Fox News: ‘‘I know some believe that government should take from some to give to the others. I think that’s an entirely foreign concept.’’
    Publicly, Romney’s campaign shrugs off the criticism. Aides say Romney will try to shift the debate back to the specifics of his vision for the country in hopes of curbing President Barack Obama’s momentum before the first debate on Oct. 3 — and then seal the deal.
    But, at least this week, there are doubts in GOP circles that he can prevail.
    ‘‘This is a worst case scenario in some respects,’’ Republican strategist Steve Lombardo said a day after Romney’s remarks roiled the campaign. Obama has been painting Romney as an out-of-touch elitist, and Lombardo said the remarks shox r4 negozio ‘‘tend to reinforce pre-existing perception.’’
    ‘‘Anytime that happens a campaign has to worry,’’ Lombardo said.
    The remarks were just the latest headache for Romney seven weeks before Election Day and with early voting well under way.
    Romney critics and backers alike point to his misstep-filled trip abroad in July as an early signal of worry. Then came Romney’s nominating convention, where Hollywood actor/director Clint Eastwood stole the show with a rambling conversation air max ltd negozio with an empty chair representing the president.
    Obama’s well-received convention followed. And so did a boost for the president in state and national polling.
    Last week, Romney tried to use anti-American unrest in the Middle East to seize political advantage, only to be criticized for r4 scarpe prematurely assailing the commander in chief before knowing all the facts, including that a U.S. ambassador had died. Then there were reports of infighting among his staff, and calls from Republicans for Romney to do more than just criticize Obama on the economy.

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