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Cameron or Miliband any one of said support

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    According to the British media reports, the United States Secretary of energy Zhu Diwen expresses days, global oil producers have enough spare capacity to fill the new sanctions against Iran because of the stringent and the oil gap.Although the United States Energy Information Administration EIAreport published this week showed oil supply tight, but Zhu Diwen said the sanctions, with inhibition of Iran oil sales to ensure that the country does not develop nuclear weapons is very important.In parliament he says to the reporter, producershave spare capacity, we have to be sure. analysis personage thinks, oil exports to get the opposite of what one wants sanctions against Iran, which triggered the rise in oil prices is cheap coach bags not only let Iran benefit from, but also hurt the global economy.Zhu seeven said, sanctions against Iran is very important.He said, if Iran to develop nuclear weapons, will bring many unstable factors, I believe that all the people agree to this point.We are trying to prevent the Iran headed in that direction.The United States of America in Iran responsible for the oi .

    L payment business of foreign banks sanctions will be implemented in June.At the end of , the United States President Barack Obama will check, if Iran oil buyers cut purchases, the global oil supply is sufficient to fill a gap. According to Russia's new network days to report, Russian President Medvedev said, if America and Europe to Russia presented in missile defense system cooperation scheme, or the United States not to give up the plan, then Russia will play for European anti-missile system response measures in the end.Medvedev meets with missile regiment commander asked, the December state of the Union address statement means start stand-off with the west.Medvedev said in response this does not mean that began to insist, that can only mean one thing. we cannot turn a blind eye to their plans, because it involves the US strategic interests, therefore I must make a statement. Medvedev pointed out, the parties to the statement responses vary, some people think it is too strong, and some people think that this statement is selected before nature.Medvedev said this is not a .

    Strong statement, which lists the wake me as the supreme commander of the actual situation, prompted me to make decisions and take response measures.These measures are now in the implementation phase, you know these measures, they will be carried out to the end, strategic missile forcecommander said amount will determine is how many, before , missile weapon update rate almost to , promised amount will be honoured, this you need not feel doubt, will be paid in full, everything will be ready for parallel mounted troops. Medvedev finally said we do everything said to me that way, except in one case either our partners to give up the plan, or presented to us a cooperation in the missile field programme .
    L cheap coach handbags financial services to support the real economy essential elements, both for the UK and Europe, the city of London is an asset. Cameron's break with convention, praise him in a presidential candidate, over the other candidates practice makes many people by surprise, already have come in for much criticism.British Conservative MP Douglas Carswell warned middot I believe that a lot of people for the outcome of the election have their own views, but this should be cheap coach purses decided by the people of france.No matter who wins the election, our leaders must have contact with him.Therefore, we must on the coach handbag outlet interference he's electioncautious. the Labour MP Graham Jones also said middot as Prime Minister of a country, Cameron must be treated with caution in French politics in position, otherwise he will be further loss of influence in europe. the French Socialist Party activists Sameera middot Anuna "Daily Mail" in an interview said imagine, if in the UK before the election, the French President Cameron or Miliband any one of said support, this will cause an outcry in britain. for Cameron support .

    Sarkozy's approach, the extraordinary spokesman Bruno middot Lehu responded to foreign leaders, Sarkozy relies on makes people uncomfortable, but it also showed him with people existed between the cracks .

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