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Can Patrick Mahomes throw touchdown passes to 14 different Chiefs?

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Whatever else is true Kansas City Chiefs Hoodie , Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has stirred the imaginations of those who look for unusual NFL records that could be broken.Here’s another one to examine — this one courtesy of Good Morning Football host Peter Schrager.Schrager is correct.Through three weeks of the season, 12 different Chiefs players have caught passes from Mahomes, and nine of them have caught at least one touchdown pass.Sammy Watkins caught his first touchdown pass as a Chief on Sunday, and Marcus Kemp recorded his first reception on the season.Of the three remaining pass catchers yet without a touchdown, Spencer Ware would probably be the most likely to get one, followed by Damien Williams and Kemp.But even if all three eventually get touchdown catches, that’s still just 12 — not a record-setting 14.So who’s left?Neither running back Darrel Williams or tight end Alex Ellis — the remaining offensive skill players on the active roster — have yet seen playing time.The most likely way either of them — or practice squad players like Gehrig Dieter, Josh Crockett or David Wells — are going to see the field would be if currently active players miss playing time due to injury.So how else could the Chiefs get to 14?The Chiefs don’t presently have a defensive back that seems like a good candidate to get snaps as an offensive player - like Deion Sanders did.Nor does head coach Andy Reid have much history of having linemen report as eligible receivers like Marty Shottenheimer used to do.Chiefs offensive lineman Joe Valerio became a Kansas City folk hero between 1993 and 1995, when he was targeted on tackle-eligible plays four times, resulting in four touchdown passes.But that seems odd, doesn’t it?Wouldn’t you expect Reid to be the guy who thinks of putting an eligible tackle on the field to create more misdirection for his offense, rather than the staid Shottenheimer?Barring injuries, something like that is probably what it will take for Patrick Mahomes to get touchdown passes to 14 different Chiefs in 2018.But in this season, just about anything might be possible.We’ll keep an eye on it.Chiefs vs. Packers live updates: Chiefs lead 33-21 in fourth quarter Chiefs first down.That’ll do it.Chiefs win 33-21Two minute warning.Chiefs hold the ball at their 36, trying to run out the game.Packers start on their 22, and can’t get much done.Punt.After a tackle for loss and a penalty, Chiefs cannot convert and third down, and must punt.Chiefs take over at 31.9:06 remaining.Green Bay drives to the Kansas City 30, but third down pass is batted down.Packers go for it on fourth and 2, but the pass is incomplete under pressure.Packers start at 30.Dorleant interception return for touchdown.Chiefs lead 33-21.13:08 left. Packers start at 15.Drive stalls after Litton is chased from the pocket.Chiefs kick another field goal Customized Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys , and lead 26-21.Chiefs driving now.Two nice passes from Litton, and the Chiefs are in the red zone.After a couple of plays, Armani Watts gets his second interception of the game on a deep pass.After a penalty assessed on the Chiefs, they start on their own 16.Packers start at 25.Chesson can’t quite hold on to a TD pass, and Chiefs settle for field goal to lead 23-21.Litton completes 40 yard pass to Pringle, and cross midfield.Ellis makes a catch for a tough third down conversion. Ball on Packers 22.On the punt, Tremon Smith fumbles, and the Packers recover.Play is under review.Call overturned, so Chiefs start at 27.Packers start at the 20, and go three and out.Litton is in at QB.On third an 9 at the 20, he overthrows a TD pass.Chiefs field goal, and trail 21-20.Pringle gets a 45 yard kickoff return to start the half for the Chiefs.Darrel Williams breaks loose for 12, and a couple of completions, and the Chiefs are in the red zone.Chiefs get the ball at the 40 with :22 left.Pass to Pringle good past midfield.Last timeout with :13 left.Sideline pass misses.:08 left.McGloin tries for the end zone deep, but is intercepted as time expires.Halftime.Packers start at 8. On second down, Chiefs sack Boyle.On third and 14, Chiefs hold.Third punt after the two minute warning.Packers stall with three incompletions, and punt.Chiefs start at 33, but miss on three passes and must punt it back.Packers start at 25.1:56 remaining.Nice touch pass to Darrel Williams on a wheel route.Touchdown.Chiefs trail 21-17.Now third down and 4 at the 7.Two minute warning.McGloin hits Pringle deep — beautiful throw and catch — for 61 yards, and the Chiefs are in business.Packers score , now leading 21-10.Chiefs start at 25.Packers complete for 15 yards, then try a deep pass that is caught out of bounds.On third down, Redmon is called for pass interference, and the Packers are in the red zone again.Chiefs force a fumble on punt, but Packers recover.Packers start at 35.Chiefs get the ball with 7:55 left in the second, starting at the 14.McGloin and Darrel Williams still in.Chiefs stall on third down, and must punt.Boyle tries for the end zone.Springs knocks it away.Thrid and goal.Ben Niemann saves a TD on a short pass. Fourth down inside the 1, and the Packers hit a TD pass.Packers lead 14-10.Boyle hits a 30 yard pass.Packers now inside the Chiefs 10.Boyle throws long, well defended by Wade.Incomplete.Third down and long, and Packers convert.Now at midfield.Packers start at 22.Boyle in at QB.Packers convert on third and 8.McGloin unable to connect with Robinson in the end zone.Chiefs settle for field goal, and lead 10-7.Robinson makes a great catch at the boundary.It is reviewed, and upheld.Chiefs driving.Two nice passes to Amaro.Chiefs in the red zone.End of the quarter.DAT makes a tough catch in traffic for a first down.Chiefs at 42.Daryl Williams in at running back, and has a gouple of nice runs.Chiefs start at 30.Matt McGloin under center.Chiefs hold on third and short.Springs does a good job of holding the receiver short of the sticks.But on 4th and 1, Kizer throws 31 yard touchdown pass.Game tied at 14.Chiefs get Packers to third and long, and nearly sack Kizer - but he escapes for a first down in Chiefs territory.Packers get a nice return on the kickoff, and start at 35.Chiefs lead 7-0.On third down, Henne hits Harris in the end zone.Henne TD pass to Robinson too low.Reception for Alex Ellis.Chiefs first and goal at the 5.Damien Williams looking good in this drive.Also a catch for Harris.Two running plays and a pass to Damien Williams, and the Chiefs are at the Packers 31.Chad Henne in at QB.Chiefs will start at their own 49.Armani Watts intercepts!Kizer in at QB for Packers.First pass good for a first down.Second pass gets to midfied, but is called back for holding.Packers start at 25.Chiefs win toss and defer.Will start on defense.No starters in tonight’s game - although they are dressed and on the sidelines.This happened just before 6:00 pmHere’s a prediction — and it turns out it was a good one.

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