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degree of interest in the purchase

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    <p>M+a+n: It can be contacted and should be observed and cultured for a long time to make it have another condition. •m+a+n: Non-customer, stop contact. It can be seen that potential customers sometimes can develop without a certain condition (such as purchasing power, demand or purchase decision),</p>
    <p>and they can become new customers of the enterprise by applying appropriate strategies. Accurately determine the customer's desire to purchase, determine the size of the customer's desire to purchase, there are five check points: • concern for the product: • degree of interest in the purchase:</p>
    <p>whether it can meet the needs: • Trust: • Whether there is a good impression on the sales company: the customer's own impression of the sales staff is about the potential customer's desire to buy. Accurately judge the purchasing ability of customers and judge the purchasing ability of potential customers.</p>
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