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Education administrative department initially let

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  1. E degree. Her dual degree courses where a total of about people, generally at night or weekend classes four times a week, three at a time, three or four professional courses per semester. Under normal circumstances three academic years, graduate, also happens to be pursuing double degree finished. "The teacher repeatedly stressed, not because we are a dual-degree students to relax the requirements, the class must be treated equally." Lin Ping said. However, the folk version of the dual-degree Initially queries in Fujian Province Department of Education website. But for the province this year to test the new coach outlet regulations, some of the information may not be so fast to be recorded second professional degreegraduate certificate information query system. No clear double degree policy countries civil version of the double degree is not within the colleges and universities in Fujian Province patents. I found that At present, the vast majority of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hubei and other provinces have college spontaneous implement dual degree system. College of Education Professor ZhouGuangLi of Renmin University of China, told the author that first appeared after the National Education Conference issued the decision of the CPC Central Committee on the reform of the education system in China, the concept of "dual degree". The decision noted that the "reform of teaching content, teaching methods, teaching system, improve the quality of teaching is a very important and urgent task, actively teaching reform to address t .He existing shortcomings of various tests, which clearly referred to" the implementation of the credits and double degree system. " At that time, about what is a double degree, and how to cultivate what treatment, and there is no specific policy provisions ZhouGuangLi. Some schools according to their own understanding, experimented with a dual degree in the the University independent school right banner. Since there is no national uniform standards, the very different requirements of various schools, training quality varies. The premise of second degree students of the colleges and universities training pilot scheme "enacted which explicitly pursue a second bachelor's degree who have successfully completed an undergraduate course in louis vuitton handbags a subject categories, have been allowed to graduate and obtained a Bachelor of a degree. " However, many colleges and universities currently practiced civil double degree is obviously not such a case, can not apply to their treatment, and management requirements. "Double degree in community, there may be two kinds of understanding some people to understand is the 'second degree', is the kind of record query at the Ministry of Education 'double degree' various schools in the undergraduate students engage in the inside is not a concept. "ZhouGuangLi said. Today, in the education laws and regulations of the Higher Education Law degree Ordinance "double degree", yet clearly defined. However, universities voluntarily implement "double degree" is popular with some students. I found the policy advice o .F the website of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education in and public reply message to the public, said "The state did not implement the so-called 'double degree' system", "our country is not yet apply to ' corresponding to the double degree 'policy. " However, the Ministry of Education, and two publicly respond to the public message, louis vuitton bags there is this definition "The dual-degree undergraduate study, learning the professional at the same time, learning degree programs of other disciplines, can meet the requirements for a bachelor's degree in another discipline. "October , I leave a message at the official website of the Ministry of Education, asked the latest policy on dual degree. As of press time, has not yet received a reply. Dual degree pending civil version of "rectification of names" In fact, until this year, Fujian Province, the civil service examinations dual degree applicants do not need to provide the registration information of the China Higher Education Student Information Network. The fall of , taking into account to apply for civil service more convenient, the blue peak, Fujian Normal Labor and Social Security Professional students began studying Law double degree. Graduated that year, by coach outlet online virtue of his law major candidates Fujian Province, the civil service, and score the first in certain county Commission for Discipline Inspection of the post had. Interview qualification review, do not let me show learn letter network school Law School than one pairs degree students successfully admitted to the .Fujian Provincial civil coach factory outlet online servants. I was informed that in , dual degree courses of the College of Communication Lee dream Fujian Provincial Fire Brigade admitted to law major same year, the School of the People's Armed Liaomou Hui obtain Fuzhou District People's Court , the College of Liberal Arts Zhangmou Juan obtain of the Quanzhou a county People's Court .... However, the provincial exams this year, new regulations to bring variables. Fujian Provincial Department of Education of the dual-degree graduates in recent years the information into the system, but some candidates are still worried about the policies vary. Fujian college students admitted to the second degree of professional civil servants told the author of more than a few years ago, once the double degree is not recognized, they do not know whether their work will be affected "If we coach outlet store online need to with the second degree professional civil service exam"released on October , -the year the central authority and its subordinate institutions examination civil servants recruitment rules", I found, Guangdong Province, the IRS and other requests for the dual degree must first professional candidates. " This case is not the first year. In previous years, the provinces the provincial civil service recruitment, similar provisions are often seen. In all types of civil service examinations consulting online every year whether the candidates Advisory double degree can apply for a job. Education administrative department initially let all colleges and universities to try a double de .

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