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Fifa 16 TOTW 36 Players Predictions by fifa16coins4u

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  1. <p>Wow, the weekly international football match will end soon. At the last moment of relegation and fighting for ranks, who will be crazy for the team honor in TOTW 36?
    fifa 16 TOTW 36 Players Predictions- CM Toure- RM Mane- ST Musa
    Yaya Toure (Manchester City): 2 goals 4: 2 Swansea
    Toure is the best CM in fifa 16 ultimate team coins. As the first all-around midfielder, the personal capability of Toure is quite remarkable. When the match reaches 2:2, Yaya Toure helps the team run head of the competition with a power shot. The goal scoring declares that he does not fall behind.</p>
    Mane (Southampton): 3 goals 1 assists, 6: 1 Aston Villa
    Mane can show the fastest hat-trick in the Premier League. In the 2 mins and 56 seconds, he succeeds in getting 3 goals. The leading actor in this match is Mane. At 81 minutes of the match, Mane helps Pellet get the goal.</p>
    Long (Southampton): 2 goals and 2 assists and 6: 1 Aston Villa
    The day must belong to Southampton. Long is the first player who scores 2 goals and 2 assists in a single race since 2013. The closing down in the front court let the opponents send him a free gift.
    Fer (QRR): 1 fifa 16 xbox coins goal 2: 1 Newcastle
    QPR will return to Football League Championship in the next season. After all, they are fighting for the honor. In the case of backward, 30 yards long shots of Fer help the team go ahead finally.</p>
    Naldo (Wolfsburg): 1 goal 2: 1 Dott
    Naldo is one of the best backs. At the same time, he is also the back who get the most scores. Faced with powerful Dortmund, Naldo catching the corner kick helps the team win the match with 2:1.
    Musa (CSKA Moskva) 1 ball 4: 0 Spartak Moscow
    Faffael (Borussia) 2 Ball 2: 0 Werder Bremen
    Digard (Nice) 1 Ball 2: 1 Lens
    Ranni (Marseille) 1 fifa 16 ps coins goal 4: 0 Lille
    Marcelo (Real Madrid) 1 ball 4: 1 Espanyol
    Navas GK (Real Madrid)</p>
    <p>COme on, more updating fifa 16 news in fifa16coins4u online now!</p>

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