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  1. As of Beijing on the evening of October , being the the raging hurricanes in the eastern United States, "Sandy" has caused people were killed and . million power failure, damage to many homes and public facilities, transportation system ceased operations, some companies louis vuitton handbags and public service agencies closed, affecting more than , people to work and live, the economic losses. Catastrophe risk assessment agency EQECAT estimates, this hurricane, affecting of the population in the United States brought economic losses may - U.S. dollars last year caused the loss of billion coach outlet store online hurricane "Irene" quite ranked one of the most expensive natural disaster in U.S. history. U.S. President Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency in the District of Columbia, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Connecticut state because of the hurricane. U.S. federal emergency agency said, there will be . billion for disaster relief. Local time in the evening of hurricanes in the Atlantic City, New Jersey, a strong landing, flood the influx of most of the blocks of the city, hundreds of people were trapped. Metro and the Cross-Harbour Tunnel water flooded neighborhoods of the city part of the first U.S. city of New York, Manhattan District, New York University Medical Center, due to standby power interruption, the patient is forced to make an emergency evacuation. In the state of Connecticut, thousands of people trapped in the coastal water level rises. The hurricane will continue to wreak havoc for several days, it is expected that .The number of casualties will increase. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced on the evening of the th, in New Jersey, the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant into a state of alert due to the water level rises. Up to now, louis vuitton bags is in the hurricane harassment regional nuclear power plant in a safe condition. The National Weather Service also issued a rare blizzard warning for parts of West Virginia and Maryland. According to statistics, the affected area at least . million students in public schools to suspend classes at home. The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer coach outlet online and power generation companies NRG Energy companies, several large enterprises, has been postponed because of the hurricane publish quarterly reports. U.S. National Centers for Environmental Prediction, said, "Sandy" will become a destructive huge super storm. Institutions and businesses affected by the hurricane, including banks, retailers, stock exchanges, manufacturers, highways, tunnels, public transportation systems, airports and ports and so on. Wal-Mart closed stores in the first affected in Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut and New Jersey, is expected to close more inland malls hurricane inland areas. Another large retailer Target has closed more than shopping malls. Home Depot and Lowe's of the stores will be affected by Hurricane Macy's of the stores may be affected. According to the statistics of the flight information service website, to the evening of the th, more than , from Washington, DC to Boston along the airport's flight was canceled, the figure is .Higher than , "Irene" hurricane during some , flights canceled. In , Hurricane "Irene" caused a revenue loss of million to United Continental Holdings, Delta Airlines was forced to cancel , flights, a loss of million profit. Currently, Delta Airlines has canceled , flights. The hurricane extend the duration, the affected areas to expand, the loss will be even greater. Nevertheless, market analysts here said that the impact of the hurricane on the U.S. coach factory outlet online economy will be temporary. Sales, payroll, and production will be a greater impact, such as Hurricane value scale up to billion in the end of the Halloween retail season, but will then get to make up for the loss of part of the sales, the hurricane will pull the plywood and generators etc. usually slow-moving merchandise coach outlet sales, discount sales may move up sharply. "Sandy," the impact of the hurricane, the New York stock and options markets in the th and the th consecutive closed. After the snowstorm in , the U.S. stock market has never been because of bad weather and continuous closed city of more than two days. However, the U.S. Securities and Exchange operators ready to test a new emergency plan, designed to ensure that the U.S. stock market this week to re-open for trading in the morning of the th. Analysts here pointed out, the Hurricane "Sandy" Apart from causing major economic losses, but also will be the upcoming presidential election a certain impact, both provided an opportunity to demonstrate its leadership as President Obama, also may affect the reelection cruci .?The Scotland Police Agency confirmed According to foreign media reports on the th , was the former host of the British Broadcasting Corporation BBCJimmy Saville victims of sexual assault has been increased to . At present , the police have to communicate with the victims , charges have been recorded . In addition to the two male victims , the rest are women. British police officially launched on the th of the criminal investigation of the the Saville sexual assault case . He is accused of coaxing even the BBC 's dressing room in their own car , forced sexual relations in a young or female minors . It is reported that Saville died in October , aged years . He has presided over the BBC children's program , known for its eccentric style .

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