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  1. The tax cuts of the financial year should be more than billion yuan, in order to see the effect. Tax coach factory outlet online cut path should take into account the income distribution, "two" not only take care of the poor, but also to retain the rich. A member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Jia Kang, director of the Institute of Fiscal Science, "Newsweek", said the current financial situation coach outlet store online can afford the scale of several hundred billion dollars of tax cuts magnitude, and therefore tax cuts, "there is no obstacle. Then, the Ministry of Finance will be how to respond to calls for tax cuts? Finance Minister Xie said in the press conference of louis vuitton bags the Fifth Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress, the idea of ??tax cuts will adjust the tax rate structure, lower part of the tariffs on imported goods continue to increase the value-added tax, business tax threshold, and expand the business tax levy VAT pilot, and promote resource tax and property tax reform. Which business tax levy VAT pilot expanded from the current the Shanghai transportation and modern service industry, the only taxed goods to provide relief part repeatability tax. In addition, the Ministry of Finance at the end of to expand the scope of the income tax benefits of a small profit, to take care of its income tax on annual taxable income of less than or equal to million small and micro enterprises. However, these tax cuts steps still accused of "slow pace". The sound from the reform that, if not deepen the reform of the f .Iscal and taxation systems, limited fine-tuning for the tax, value added tax and business tax, are not really the purpose of structural tax cuts. People pay taxes, but also may be less more. System of trapped Chinese tax real sense of "pain" is the fiscal and taxation systems. There is a phenomenon that can corroborate this experience Until now, the local tax department is still generally take practice to develop tax task, tax work. In the local tax department also has planned to levy Division, setting taxes "dead task. The plan taxed way, this is clearly contrary to the law of the market economy with the taxpayer minds of taxation in accordance with the law, is a contradiction. "Shut-off" in the local fiscal revenue, until the present, the local government in addition to the part of the field of education, personnel and transportation, retained a large number of administrative and institutional fees. These charges, all free from all levels of government budget system. Where the public is unable to oversee the tax department in order to achieve the goal of fiscal revenue to gobble up the various categories of taxpayers and small miniature of the corporate tax. These residues of the planned economy, still today restricting the speed of the Chinese-style tax cuts. Tax Reform in and failed to fully complete. The local government is not formed below the provincial level implementation, monitoring budget and taxation system, failed to form a local tax system. A lot of money by the central finance special transfer payments issued .But due to lack of monitoring mechanisms, leading to the use of special funds is unknown. However, a new trend this year that may affect the future pattern of fiscal and tax reform. trillion yuan in public revenue, local revenue to . trillion yuan, the central revenue of . coach outlet trillion yuan. This is since , and local revenues for the first time more than central. On behalf of the recommendations of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC National Committee in the March th CPPCC plenary meeting of the General Assembly speech, Liu Kegu should learn from international experience in Germany and other countries, to improve the transfer of the central and local payment methods. In Germany, the equivalent of a clear division of the central government, the federal government and the state governments in wage income tax, corporate tax and indirect tax revenue. German Federal Constitution, the per capita tax is lower than the national average level of taxes less than of the state before they can be made lower than the national average of the difference between the VAT revenue from the states, fiscal revenue is higher than the state average per capita level of fiscal spending the state government, the financial transfer payment to the other states. The Liu Kegu continue tax from the income of the working-class is inappropriate. "Newsweek" Step-by-step difference to the implementation of the direct control of the county financial system, the pilot supporting administrative reform of the direct control of the county, before it should be the .Direction of the domestic fiscal and tax reform. louis vuitton handbags Jia Kang, director of the Institute of Fiscal Science, also agreed with the above view. "Newsweek" he said, the Chinese local fiscal reasonable points tax classification system, these three should form the central, provincial and city and county level in three architecture, each level should have a reasonable property rights regime . For industry and commerce developed in this line of thought, but resource-rich western regions, you can start the reform of resource tax, resource tax to become a pillar of the western region of local income taxes to economically developed eastern regions, property taxes the real estate tax, will likely become the new sources of income to gradually coach outlet online replace the place of the extrabudgetary land premium. However, the direction of this reform, the Ministry of Finance has not yet been finally set the tone. In the draft central and local budgets proposed by the Ministry of Finance in , the country's public revenue arrangements to . trillion yuan, representing an increase of . as compared to the number of the implementation of the budget is still higher than the expected growth rate of of the gross domestic product GDPfor the same period . The Liu Kegu future for tax cuts, how to reform the fiscal and taxation system, should be extensive consultation with the professional background of the NPC deputies and CPPCC members, and by the form of the hearing to include more participation from the private sector. He further pointed out that the reform of the .

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