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Fortnite materials building is a skill that's worth

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  1. Fortnite materials building is a skill that's worth studying in the event that you want to compete in the higher levels of this game. Though finding top-tier firearms and loot is the most important task in the game - because the goal is to rack up as many kills as possible - mastering the meeting of structures and walls is a power that will definitely save your own skin in battle and boost your odds of obtaining a coveted Victory Royale.

    If you're new to building, this article contains everything you want to know, in the ins and outs of how to build, to the top structures to construct in certain situations.

    There are four building types available in Fortnite: walls, floors, roofs and stairs, all of which can be manipulated and modified to build nearly anything you can consider. The fifth type, the Trap, may be collected as loot in a match.

    Whether playing on Fortnite wiki, mobile or console, there are dedicated construct controls - like Q on a keyboard, or B Xbox / Circle on PlayStation - but getting your control scheme and configurations in order is important.

    Whatever platform you're playing on, if you're using a controller then the very first thing you're going to want to do once you've mastered the basics of building would be to change to'Builder Pro' control layout, which may be done by going to Settings > Wireless Controller > Setup.

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