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  1. qizhen111

    <p>Interior paint knowledge of latex paint it has elegant, fresh decorative effect, non-toxic, tasteless environmental characteristics. There are several criteria for choosing latex paint: first, it is rubable. Because the wall is easy to dirty, a child's family will be more graffiti for the graffiti. Contains waterproof formulations of latex paint in the dry, will natures composites lowes naturally form a layer of dense waterproof paint. You can use a clean water or mild detergent, you can very easily wipe the stains, but will not erase the paint itself.</p><p> The market for the sale of latex paint as long as the regular manufacturers, in line with the provisions of the national standard waterproof paint has this function. Some manufacturers in particular, the number of times to wash more than the national standard several times, in fact, this is not much for the average family, the provisions of national standards have been fully able to meet the requirements of home wood plastic composites suppliers in europe decoration. Second, the latex paint moisture-proof function. </p><p>Has your home wall had a long mold due to too wet? This is especially true in the basement, in the bathroom, or in wet weather. Mildew, moisture proof formula latex paint can effectively block the moisture on the walls and walls of the invasion, to prevent water penetration, to prevent mold growth. Paint lasting is not easy to fade, off the consumer decking on sloping concrete in the selection of latex paint should pay attention to another point, in general, latex paint can maintain 3-5 years of new bright and more in line with the requirements of the family.</p><p> In addition, we are most concerned about whether the latex paint is really non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly. Here we can tell you the main component of latex paint is non-toxic resin and water, lead, mercury composition. In the brushing process will not produce irritating odor, not on the human body, biological and the surrounding environment harm. But you must purchase those Wood Plastic Decking Series Material marked with the manufacturer, the production date and shelf life, and indicate the lead-free mercury-free latex paint products.</p>

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