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    <p>national standards,outdoor privacy fence fabric because the national laminate flooring standard “GB18580” - A public notice issued by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce on its website has attracted wide attention from outside the industry.[url=]gluing composite to composite[/url] "The Publicity of the Quality Supervision Results of Interior Decoration Materials of Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce stated that according to the results of the quality monitoring of interior </p>
    <p>decoration materials conducted by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce 2 ft x 6 ft vinyl fence panelcommissioned by the National Building Materials Testing Center and the Beijing Construction Hardware Plumbing Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, It was found that many of the product manufacturers' nominal products were “E0” grade, which was inconsistent with the relevant national standards.[url=]distressed figured old weathered deck boards tiles[/url]The industry and commerce </p>
    <p>department will use this as an opportunity to rectify the chaotic wood flooring market.fencing materials wholesale conroe texasAccording to a media in Beijing, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce quoted that in the future, laminate flooring manufacturers are not allowed to mark “E0” on the floor slogan or packaging, otherwise they will be punished as “not legally labeled”. [url=]wood grain plastic garage wall coverings[/url]The next step will be to strengthen supervision and spot </p>

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