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hope that the Government of Ukraine

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    Opportunity to strive to Egypt and even the Islamic world more more support. The Hamas weaponry has been enhanced from the conflict situation, the organization may indeed have been some foreign aid. The Hamas and Israel's escalation of the conflict, may also be intended to put pressure on the Egyptian side, and to seek more assistance from Egypt. Israel may also want to test the relationship between Hamas and Egypt's new leaders, take a look at the friendship of the two sides in the end more firmly. The new round of conflict between Palestinians and Israelis affect the international community nervous cause the international community to pay close attention. U.S. President Barack Obama, the th respectively with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Egyptian President Mursi through the phone, and stressed that all parties must take measures to prevent the escalation of violence. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the phone with Netanyahu, expressed concern about the deteriorating situation in the southern region and the Gaza Strip. French President Hollande on the .

    Phone with the Mursi said the international community must work together to avoid anything that might worsen the situation of unilateral practices and provocative actions. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said China expressed serious concern over Israel launched large-scale military operations in the Gaza Strip, coach handbag outlet condemned any civilian casualties. "China urges the parties concerned, particularly based on party utmost restraint to prevent the situation from further escalation of tension." Arab League is scheduled to convene an emergency foreign ministers' meeting on the th, to discuss Israel's military operations in the Gaza Strip. A direct consequence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the Egyptian relations face a severe test. Egypt on the th decided to recall the ambassador in order to protest. cheap coach handbags Egyptian President Mursi condemned Israel and command the Prime Minister Gan Diller rate senior officials to the Gaza Strip to show support for Hamas. Hamas spokesman, said Gan Diller has cheap coach purses decided to visit the Gaza Strip in the th. Analysts believe that, in this case, if Israel continues .

    To air strikes in Gaza Strip, likely to endanger the lives of Egyptian senior officials, Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty in , will also be put to the test. The issue of whether to stop air strikes, the government will be faced with a choice. Integrated Xinhua News Agency reporter Fan Xiaolin, Lvying Xu sequence Chen, Yue Zhao reported .According to foreign media reports , the Government of Ecuador by helicopter to the country's Galapagos Islands Galapagos Islandsinvest more than tons of rat poison , this external mouse kill tens of millions , to save mice threat on the island of birds and reptiles. According to reports, these external mouse with the whaling ships and pirates in the th century came to the island . After that , the rat population multiply rapidly , they often stealing the eggs of birds and reptiles cub , has been a serious threat to the survival of other species cheap coach bags . The cast poison rodent control plan to cost about . million about . million yuan , this poison will not endanger other species and humans . It is reported that Ecuador 's Galapagos Islands consists of volcanic islands , extending from the South American continent into the Pacific Ocean , about , kilometers , the island of some unusual species of animals , such as lizards, giant tortoises and finches . According to foreign media reports on the th , after up to two weeks on hunger strike , the former Ukrainian p .

    Rime minister Yulia Tymoshenko announced to stop the hunger strike , and continue to receive treatment with a doctor . The lutz ? Harms Lutz Harmssaid , a German doctor , Tymoshenko Tymoshenko from Friday the th to stop the hunger strike , and continue to receive treatment . Harms also said Tymoshenko body is very weak . Harms hope that the Government of Ukraine to improve the hospital treatment conditions , and called for the dismantling of dependent surveillance camera . It is reported that on October , the preliminary results of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine , the highest number of votes and the ruling Party of the Regions , more than the opposition Motherland Party , where Yulia Tymoshenko . On the same day , Yulia , who has cloth treated in Kharkov hunger strike in protest .

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