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How Automated Control Panels Slash Costs in Custom Cable Manufacturing

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    Involvement in the process of custom cat6 cable manufacturing can be a confusing and, unfortunately, expensive journey for both the buyer and seller. Fortunately, there are a few steps that can reduce the time and money spent on creating such assemblies. Automated control panels are a great help, if manufactured correctly. The wires come installed in a certain section, relieving the user of any duties to label, cut, or strip any part of that particular ensemble. This arrangement is extremely beneficial if you are looking for ways to save money.

    What exactly is an automated control panel?

    Companies and individuals often expend a significant amount of time and resources, including labor, when engaging in custom cable manufacturing. For a lot of these structures,companies facilitate a multitude of wires, stringing, cropping, burning, and soldering these pieces. The point of the wires within a cable is to provide communication signals from one application to another. With an automated control panel, portions of the cable assembly come pre-made. In other words, the wires have been selected and molded into the 1/0 welding cable, short-circuiting an individual's work. There are several manners in which these panels can benefit you:
    Ready to Install Assemblies

    In custom cable manufacturing, you are looking for a specific structure to suit your specific needs. When a company utilizes parts that come pre-fabricated, this can reduce the time their employees work on the assembly. Additionally, it aids you in the installation process. In order to qualify as a "ready-to-install" piece, the panels should include pre-cut wires that have been molded to the exact specifications and also labeled. This ensures that the pieces are ready to be installed without any extra storage time and no necessary modifications.

    Control-Panel Diagnostics

    Many people focus completely on the stage of production and ignore the installation and maintenance phases. However, a user can incur additional costs during the stages that follow custom car cables for battery manufacturing. Sometimes, wire assemblies must be tweaked after installation. If a company utilizes an automated control panel for the maintenance portion of their business, you can expect a reduced fee. In other words, these special diagnostic systems allow companies to diagnose issues and problems with the installation over the phone. Therefore, you can save money by avoiding a personal visit from a repairman.

    Repetitive Paneling

    Stripping, cutting and crimping wires are necessary, but tedious portions of custom cable manufacturing. With an automated panel, these stages of the assembly can be streamlined, reducing the time spent on a part of the assembly. While this type of paneling can incur an upfront cost, it will, in the end, save money, as these mundane tasks require quite a bit of manual labor. With the automation of these jobs, the labor hours are significantly reduced.

    Installation Process

    Finally, installing the 4 gauge battery wires themselves often requires a company to train additional employees to oversee and learn the process of installing certain assemblies. With an automation panel at this stage, you can avoid having to train employees. These specific types of control panels complete the manufacturing of an assembly with an automated installation process.

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