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It 's sad to leave the black and white

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    Van Gaal coached Manchester United period, not only the team results are not much improvement, and Van Gaal in the employment of people also criticized, after he became Manchester United team coach, a number of Manchester United will leave the old team, including the origin Manchester United youth training camp Darren - Fletcher, Fletcher recently accepted the "ESPN" interview, said Van Gaar was in Manchester United should not wantonly sell, especially Welbeck left Manchester United that day he was very sad. After Van Gaal took office, the introduction of Dimaliya, Marshall, Demei and other players, but Manchester United's former veterans have also been washed, such as Weier Baker, Zaha, Evra and Fletcher, and even Dimalia was also sold by Van Gaal in Paris after a season. Fletcher said in an interview that if Van Gaar was able to change his mind, perhaps Manchester United will become different, "many players left Manchester United under Van Gaal, in my opinion, they should have left in the ball It 's not a day for me to comment on other people, such as the day that Wilburk left Manchester United to join Arsenal, it was a sad day. "Weier Baker should be a member of Manchester United, he was born as a Manchester, grew up, very talented players, in order to better off the team and sacrifice their own, Welbeck is really loved by his teammates, he Was at the peak of his career, he should have been Manchester United's top players. And Fletcher in the winter window in 2015 also left Manchester United, although Fletcher was appointed Van Gary as vice president of Manchester United, but Fletcher that Van Gaal did not want to stay in Manchester United, "from the beginning I It is not in the plan of Van Gaal, is probably in the pre-season training, my performance surprised him, so as to be able to stay in Manchester United, and many players at that time has left Manchester United, but Even so, I was not able to stay in the end.I should have been an important member of the team, not my lack of patience, I really can not see the way out, I need new challenges. Fletcher 33 years old, was born in Manchester United youth camp, 2003-04 season into the Manchester United team, in February 2015, Fletcher officially transferred to West Brom effect so far.

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