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Jets obtain third overall pick in '18 draft from Colts

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    Just ask the $8 billion man Tom Perkins, a venture capitalist who recently penned a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal comparing the "progressive war on the American 1 percent" to fascist Nazi Germany's war on Jews. His evidence? A "rising tide of hatred" against the privileges of the super rich that will surely be quelled by Holocaust comparisons."They came for the billionaires, and I said nothing. They came for the millionaires, and ."

    When it came time for the predictable frantic backpedaling, the supreme douche moneybag actually went ahead and doubled down on the stance, claiming that the wealthy were underappreciated by most of the country and that millionaires should get a million votes, as well as bragging that he could buy a "six pack of Rolexes" if he wanted to. It was titled "What more can they say."About how douchey that picture is? At least a thousand words.

    In case you didn't get it, neither did Justin. Biebs hilariously drew comparisons between his 20 year old drunken driving self and Michael Jackson . cheap jerseys during Jackson's molestation trial. Because apparently the former child star was never told why Jackson was on trial in the first place and it never occurred to him to Google it. All he saw was a picture of himself by a car and thought "How Michael Jacksonish of me!"

    In a tremendous brain fart for the American justice system, a man in Florida has been convicted of three charges of attempted murder while possibly beating a fourth charge of actual, successful murder. The victim was an unarmed teenager he claimed "attacked" him with loud car music, to which he retaliated with even louder music to the tune of 10 fucking gunshots fired even as the car sped away from what most would define as a cold blooded rampage.

    In a transcript of a conversation with his fiancee, the shooter, Wholesale Jerseys Michael Dunn, revealed that he felt that the entire shooting four unarmed people situation was just like, and we are quoting, "the old TV shows and movies where like how the police used to think when a chick got raped going, 'Oh, it's her fault because of the way she dressed.' I'm like, 'So it's my fault because I asked them to turn their music down.'""And they got blood all over the bullets I had just finished polishing."

    While we can't speak for everyone, we're pretty sure the thing that makes him "at fault" isn't the part where he asked the unarmed kids he shot at to turn their music down . not that we could ever hope to reason with the growing menace of cheap soccer jerseys wholesale nervous suburban men with legal firearms. So remember, kids: If you ever see a middle aged man in khaki colors on the street, just walk the other way and tell a trusted adult immediately.

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