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Just a bad day at the office

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    By then, Edmonton was pretty much crazy for the new owner to take over. Journal columnist Dan Barnes summed up the mood writing in a December 2007 column: larger perception of Katz as the perfect owner is out there and it not far fetched. He spend to the salary cap and contribute to a new barn.

    If Nebraska indeed shifts to a 3 4 scheme, "(Defenders) are going to have to learn different techniques," McBride said. "Anytime you start moving guys to other positions, they have to learn blocking schemes that go with that position, and that alone is tough duty. Kids have to be adaptable.

    The applicant may voluntarily proffer, in writing, reasonable conditions prior to the public hearing. The rezoning itself should give rise to the conditions and the conditions should have a reasonable relation to the rezoning. All conditions shall be in conformity with the Comprehensive Plan.

    "I feel like I starting with a blank slate, which is great," he said. "I can develop the players in a different way. I can already tell they have pride in their school team. It's reflected in his press conferences throughout the year, which have been slim on his famed mental games, barbs and taunts of rivals. Instead, he speaks of expectations to win games andconviction, rather than distraction. He jokes more but speaks almost solely of his own team and shows little public concern for opposition players and coaches..

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