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lack produces equipment

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    <p>extensive of backward, business management, lack produces equipment of method, technology wait for malady, bring about product class low, quality is poor. Liu chairman tells interlocking tile flooring a reporter candidly, at present of the plate company stop production of Linyi city, half stop production already be in the majority, stock product already amounted to 300 thousand stere. Although his enterprise will be changed early in May this </p>

    <p>year,use environmental protection gum,eco trend deck and balcony tile but because want to handle the product of keep long in stock previously at once, so material of environmental protection template still was not sold outside. In Linyi city the famousest plank produces area Zhu Bao, the reporter wants to visit a few small companies,above ground pool ladder ate several times to shut door a thick soup however unexpectedly- - a few months of iron gate lock, stop </p>

    <p>production. In a business that still producing, when asking a workshop whether the worker has begun to use environmental protection gum, most worker shakes his head negative. fence price per foot spain When the reporter asks why to had not used environmental protection data, photograph of speak bluntly of a controller accuses this factory: Convert new standard production can bring about manufacturing cost to increase, so a lot of manufacturers are</p>

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