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    For the sixth season in a row, is ranking the top players in the NBA. Who will be the best player this season?To get the final ranking, we asked our expert panel to vote on pairs of players.LeBron James vs. Stephen Curry. Russell Westbrook vs. Kevin Durant. Damian Lillard vs. Chris Paul.We asked, Which player will be better in 2016-17? To decide, voters had to consider both the quality and the quantity of each players contributions to his teams ability to win games.Well roll out the rest of our top 200 players over the next week. If you want to get involved in the discussion or just follow along, #NBArank is the Twitter hashtag to use. You also can follow along @ESPNNBA and on Facebook.On to the list ...37. Rudy GobertJazz | C?| @rudygobert27Last years rank: 422016-17 projected RPM: 2.53Insider profile:?Having led the Jazzs surge as a starter after the 2014-15 trade deadline, Gobert put together nearly an identical campaign in his first full season as a starter, both before and after a sprained MCL that sidelined him for a month. Given Goberts age (24), the fact that he didnt improve significantly qualified as a mild disappointment.?Read more ?#NBArank 31-4031: Carmelo Anthony32: Hassan Whiteside33: Kristaps Porzingis34: Gordon Hayward35: Marc Gasol36: Steven Adams37: Rudy Gobert38: Kemba Walker39: Derrick Favors40: Dwyane Wade Cheap Hurricanes Jerseys. The parade and rally were held to celebrate the Saskatchewan Roughriders 45-23 win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Sunday in the CFLs championship game. Wholesale Hurricanes Jerseys. - Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is not a fan of his teams use of the wildcat formation, saying "it makes you look like a high school offence. In taking its goal tally to 99 in all competitions already this season, City delivered another demonstration of its lethal firepower at Etihad Stadium to set up a fourth-round match at home to another second-tier team -- Watford. Adidas Jeff Skinner Jersey. Following a lopsided 5-2 loss against the New Jersey Devils on Wednesday night, Paul MacLean told reporters that "theres a lack of focus, theres a lack of leadership and theres a lack of preparation" with his struggling team. That came on the heels of Bryan Murray taking the unusual step of going into the locker room at the Prudential Center and addressing the players himself. Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys. Hamelin, who triumphed in the 500 on Saturday, edged out Victor An of Russia by 0.021 seconds to maintain his lead in the World Cup standings. Russias Vladimir Grigorev was third. In the relay, Canada took control six laps from the finish line to beat Russia and the Netherlands. OK, its only a little past the midseason following Friday nights matches between the still-undefeated Team SoloMid over rival Cloud9 and Immortals keeping pace with a victory of its own against Team Envy. I can still hand out some superlatives, right?We have only four weeks left to go in the season, and the fight for the playoffs is on. The 10 NA LCS teams are sprinting to the finish line to see which squads will make the trip to Toronto this coming August for the Finals. Before we get there, however, lets appreciate some of the best (and worst) of the NA LCS summer split thus far through five weeks (and a Friday).The Obligatory TSM is the Best Team in NA LCS AwardTeam SoloMidI dont have to say much about this topic, right? After Fridays win over C9, TSM are 11-0, have dropped only three games all split and are thundering toward a first-round bye in the playoffs and an expected eighth straight trip to the NA LCS Finals. You can talk all you want about the stars on the Rift, but last splits team arguably had more talent on it with future Hall of Famer Bora YellOwStaR Kim as starting support. Instead, the key to TSMs success has been the cohesion the team has shown with rookie support Vincent Biofrost Wang in YellOwStaRs place and the chemistry between the veteran members on the squad.Last split, TSMs talent lost out to Counter Logic Gamings teamwork in Las Vegas at the NA LCS Finals. This split, though, the teamwork and trust has caught up to the talent capabilities on the team. Everything has come together for one of the best regular seasons in LCS history, whether in North America or Europe.The Obligatory Phoenix1 is the Worst Team in NA LCS AwardEcho FoxWait, hold up -- were not giving it to Phoenix1? Oops. After the past couple of weeks, the narrative of Phoenix1s dismal demise has turned into realistic optimism. While no one is ready to start printing world championship P1 gear, the team has been getting better every week it heads to the studio. The team has finally gotten its full roster together, and it announced a few days ago it had signed Korean import Jung Fixer Jae-woo to a deal that will have him compete alongside other support player Austin Gate Yu.Echo Fox, on the other hand, is taking in water and starting to sink to the bottom of the standings. As a team overall, the Foxes are probably better than the Firebirds of Phoenix1, yet that doesnt really matter when one side is constantly improving amidst harsh criticism and the other is seemingly unable to figure out its issues. You can see the refinement -- well, at least the effort -- in P1s macro game and late-game strategies, and Echo Fox are still making the same needless mistakes that got it started on this long losing streak.A solid team on paper, Echo Fox is a prime example of the state of League of Legends in 2016. One or even two above-average players wont affect results unless the team knows how to play together and make wise calls in the climax of a game.The Pleasantly Surprising Team of the Split AwardTeam LiquidSpring Rookie of the Split winner Joshua Dardoch Hartnett suspended. 0-3 start. Rumors of dysfunction within the team. It felt as if this could be the season in which Liquid fell off the rails and crash landed itself in the relegation tournament. However, it never came to that point; Dardoch was reinstated, the team started chugging along again and the addition of Jovani Fabbbyyy Guillen bolstered the starting fives overall cohesion.As weve already talked about with the best (TSM) and worst (EFX), your roster on paper gets you as far as you can throw it. None of it truly matters unless the teams chemistry is in sync and the team can adapt to the current meta in front of it. With Fabbbyyy, the team picked up a probable downgrade in individual skill but upgraded in terms of communication and flexibility. Fabbbyyy possesses the ability to shape himself into the configuration his team needs him to be, and his utility-oriented style works currently in the mid-focused/topside meta we find ourselves in.Like TSM, the teamwork and experience of playing together as a unit is catching up to the individual talent of the players, and that can only mean good things ahead for TL.The Most Disappointing Team of the Split AwardCounter Logic GamingCould it be anyone else? After CLG got to the finals against SK Telecom T1 at the Mid-Season Invitational, I thought no one would ever disrespect the repeating NA LCS champions ever again. It was impossible. CLG were a legitimate top-five team in the world, were greater than the sum of its spare parts, and the teams machine-like work ethic and belief in one another were a sight to behold.Less than two months later, and were here. CLG is 4-6, barely hanging on to a playooff spot tied with Apex Gaming, and the team is showing great difficulties playing around the mid lane with Choi Huhi Jae-hyun.dddddddddddd CLGs strength, besides playing together as one, was focusing on its side lanes, and that course of action has been ripped away with how important the mid lane has become in the current meta. Until the meta shifts or the team starts playing better in the mid lane, CLGs fight to get into the playoffs will continue. And, honestly, as a team that won two titles when the majority bet against it, being on the fringe of the postseason shouldnt faze it as the split rounds into the home stretch.The All-Fionn NA LCS TeamTop Lane: Kevin Hauntzer Yarnell (TSM)Im going to try to do my best to not build this entire team out of TSM players. Hauntzer, the former Gravity starting top laner, has finally evolved into the reliable star that many thought he could become last year on his rookie club. Hauntzer leads top laners in almost all categories, and he has repeatedly been a part of the first kill in a game to get his team ahead. While not an ace on a team with two superstar carries, Hauntzer doesnt need to be; hes smart, crafty and, most importantly, consistent. Hes the type of player that fuels the rest of the team and does the little things to win titles, à la Jung Impact Eon-yeong on Summoners Cup champions SKT T1 in 2013.Jungle: Kim Reignover Yeu-jin (IMT)This was definitely the most difficult position to judge. Reignover, Dardoch, TSMs Dennis Svenskeren Johnsen and C9s Will Meteos Hartman are all having stellar seasons, and by splits end, my decision for jungler could definitely sway. Yet, at the end of the deliberations, I ultimately sided with the reigning MVP from Immortals. Reignover is the maestro that brings everything together for the second-seeded team in the league. Hes brilliant when his team needs him the most, and he simply makes the players around him better. Any team, North American or international, would be lucky to have Reignover on its roster.Mid Lane: S?ren Bjergsen Bjerg (TSM)Hes the best damn player in the West today. Hes on his way to a third MVP award in the NA LCS, and the team that TSM built around him following the end of a disappointing 2015 season is going to give the Danish superstar his best chance ever at making a top four at Worlds come October. There have been times when teams have gotten ahead or looked ready to end TSMs winning streak this season, and then Bjergsen has come up, said, No, and ended any attempt at taking down his team in a best-of-three match. Were watching a player on the road to possibly becoming the greatest Western player of all time if he and TSM continue their progress in tandem.AD Carry: Yiliang Doublelift Peng (TSM)Another close one, TSMs Doublelift barely edges out C9s Zachary Sneaky Scuderi for the superlative. Last seasons ending couldnt have been worst for Doublelift. He moves away from his longtime team -- one hed just won a title with -- at the start of the split to join its biggest rival. His new team struggles mightily in the regular season, and a lot of the blame is heaped on his shoulders. In the finals, after making it through all the turmoil, he loses to the team he left when the player that replaced him gets the final teamfight victory.It was the worst script you could possibly write for him.Doublelifts summer split has been a testament to his strong mentality. He didnt regress or go into a slump following the NA LCS Finals loss, and his partnership with Biofrost has been a main reason why TSM has gone from a team in sixth place to an undefeated top-place team. Like TSMs other ace, Bjergsen, Doublelift has grown over the past year; the bottom-lane duo with Biofrost is earning the outspoken AD carry a new position: veteran teacher. And, so far, hes performing even better than someone writing TSM fan fiction could imagine.Support: Vincent Biofrost Wang (TSM)The runaway rookie of the split doesnt even feel like a newcomer to the NA LCS. He has hardly had any hiccups alongside Doublelift in the bottom lane, and his play is reminiscent of a player far beyond his years. As Ive stated before in a previous feature, the word that describes Bifrost best is businesslike. Hes cool, calm and collected in the way he plays the game, and his engagements are second to none in the league already as a rookie. On a team with veterans and a fellow budding star in Hauntzer, there is no better place for Biofrost to come into his own. He has strong management behind him, a solid coaching staff and some of the best Western players in the world to help along his development. Wholesale Jerseys  Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Authentic Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys ' ' '

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