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Mafia City are some of my favourite new mafia game

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    When the underboss turned on Clay, it led to a unique mission where Clay had to go after the underboss and convince him to return to the family.

    This story-telling device could either be a great way to make each player’s playthrough unique, or it could be a great nuisance that derails the story or creates a block for the player when making decisions.

    So Mafia City seems to be taking a huge turn with its storytelling and gameplay compared to previous titles, and although these updated mechanics looked ambitious, they didn’t seem impossible whatsoever.

    The video played during the presentation (minus extra details from a YOTTAGAME representative) can be found in below.

    Mafia City is looking good for a game due in four months. Whether the game retains the shine we saw at E3 can only be told by time.

    I never played the Mafia games but I’m pretty interested in this one. Running the mob sounds cool and it seems like race will play an important and interesting factor in the narrative (hopefully it will go beyond“You are a filthy dark elf! But ugh here is the same mission I would have given to someone else” like I remember race being treated in Oblivion).

    The Mafia City are some of my favourite new mafia game. I’m a little scared of a different dev, but everything I’ve seen so far is looking good.

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