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    The face of Chelsea, Manchester City home 1-3 tragically reversed, and now away again with 1-2 defeat, West Italy two famous handsome way, Guardiola was double to kill the hole. Nearly 4 rounds of 3 draws and 1 losses did not win the victory, the Blue Moon Army fight four prospects worrying. The attention of the double blue will, God Feng PK called the main theme, but thehandsome battle of the same wonderful. As a world-class marshal of today's football, Guardiola and Conti had only once confrontation, that is the first leg of the league this season in the battle of Etihad Stadium, when Manchester City in the case of advanced 1 ball, was Away against Chelsea with 3 goals reversed. Today, the two teams moved to Stamford Bridge Stadium, the two marshales continue to fight the law, did not care Guardiola once again become the handy of Conti. And the two sides in the Yi Tihad stadium contest is different, the campaign team member Stamford Bridge, Guardiola choose to use 4-2-3-1 formation to deal with Conti 3-4-3 system, Navas, Stone , Kompany and Krishna in the defense line lined up, Fernandino and Delft is the second pair of waist, but the outcome is disappointing. Azar's first goal, Krishna man carelessly let Aspili Quetta easy return is one of the assists, Navas back is not timely to let the Belgians to complete the shot is also one of the fatal factors. Look at Manchester City's second conceded. At that time the game to the first 34 minutes, the two sides battle into 1-1, Pedro in the restricted area of ​​the ball, did not give the Blue Army Corps caused much pressure, unexpectedly Fernandino is a foot to trip Down, so give a Chelsea penalty. A man careless, a critical moment to send points, Guardiola thousands of calculations, after all, but still can not escape the bad luck. Home 0-0 draw Stoke City, home 1-1 draw with Liverpool, away 2-2 draw with Arsenal, and now away away from Chelsea 1-2, away from March 6 away 2-0 win Since then, Guardiola's team in the league has been four consecutive victorious, which is in 2015, January and February, the Blue Army for the first time in a row four consecutive victories. After the current round of the game, Manchester City to 17 wins, 7 draws and 6 losses plot 58 points standings No. 4, has been ranked top Chelsea as much as 14 points. The team is so bleak, Guardiola is not satisfied: "For us, the Premier League has become the past when the championship will be produced between Tottenham and Chelsea.We now want the Champions League seats. Manchester City League title race this season, want to completely shattered, the four prospects in fact is not optimistic. Ranking from the standings of the situation, the Blue Army in a multi-tournament case only ranked 5,6-bit Arsenal, Manchester United 4 points. It should be noted that the end of this month Manchester City will be a match, the opponent is the city rivals Manchester United. As a result, if the next game is still unable to seize the opportunity to grab points, Guardiola team may at any time with the Champions League next season to say goodbye!

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