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    锘? I?ve outlined a step by step marketing process flow nike air max 2014 mens black , and more, on how to setup an online Money Marketing Machine. This is not hype, or sales, and I do not make any money giving this valuable information away free. Step 1 : Set Goals : Sounds basic, but most fail right here at the beginning, so lets jump start the process roadmap for you. Roll out a 1 year goal roadmap, break it down by each month. I built factories in many countries so how do you think I did this. There was no option to fail . So here is your final goal at Month 12: Your goal is resign from your 8 to 5 job forever. Sounds scary but a realistic goal. Now you can change at will, but at least make a commitment. Other options to consider; retire at month 12, and your job becomes a hobby. Step 2 : Goal for Month 1, Decision on what information product you are going to focus on and market. Sounds as if I made the decision for you, and I did in fact. Simply any successful marketing individual will say it over and over, works for me. Information is in constant demand, the internet; you?re marketing money machine, has an endless thirst for information. Go write an e-book about something you really enjoy, sport, hobby, something you always had a passion for, and start writing now. Find someone to complete it , if need be. Step 3 : Complete drafting goals for months 2 through 11. How you approach this is really simple, and again let?s make this easy for you. Month 12 goal is very clear on exactly what you are planning to achieve, the goal is written in blood, you signed it, your wife blessed it ; since you will have some expenses, and the wife should be a supporter of your future. Here is how you approach filling in your monthly goals. Actually start with your month 12 goal, and work your way back, making adjustments nike air max 2014 womens sale , modifications as your goal structure takes place. Step 4. Planning stage ; creating a plan of action under each month?s goal. Now this might look like itemized action items, with even sub action items to be completed in each month time frame. See, you have already established the foundation to a marketing plan, business on the internet, topic of desire, and now its time to think through each step of how you will get there, month to month. Step 5. Select the following partners in this order, as you are going to start building from the foundation up, your Marketing Money Machine. First, select a domain company, and your first domain name, like Go Daddy, however there are many out there. I am only giving you steps, read up on domains if you need more detail. Second, a web host company, again Host Monster, or Host Gator, read up on hosts, there are many out there. These two offer simple features to build your first website, does this scare you a bit, never built one ? Well me to, but now I have many working for me, its fun. 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First register your site , yes by hand nike air max 2015 mens cheap , and sound scary ? Why, simply because the top three SE companies will ask you to type in the code shown, to verify you are not a robot, spamming them to register every 10 minutes for high SE rankings. So, here they are: Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The forms are so easy it might take you over one minute each. Go checkout Google site submit, and look how easy it really is. Now you might ask, what about all those 800,000 SE site submitter robots, that do it all for you, special software for 49.99. Well, simply the 3, I gave you represent well over 90 percent total SE traffic, so right now save your money. After you are checked out and indexed by SEs, there are methods to track your position, ranking, popularity, etc. Let me stop right here. Here is a rule to write down and save, whenever a term, or a step I mention slows you down or you find confusing, since all are probably new. The best thing to do is stop, perform a search and you will find the answer. You can also find lots of good information on Forums. Say search Golf Forum, and you would be surprised, sign in, ask for help nike air max 2015 white mens , and some members will respond with possible options. You now have momentum, ran into a few speed bumps, but found ways to overcome these and keep moving forward. The balance of steps is going to be brief , specific, site, and product promotion, which is an on going cycle. Here is an excellent Forum, Warriors, you can probably find someone to build a site, if need be. Step 8 : Site promotion marketing guidelines. A) Auto site submitters, to the balance of SE companies? world wide, sometimes your host will do this free monthly. B) SEO , I would save your money, until later. C) Blogging and pinging. Basically updating info on your site, articles, etc., and telling the SE something new, come and recheck my site, to improve ranking. This is really part of SEO. D) Free advertising, ok, but setup a free dumping e-mail acct, and be prepared for a load of e-mail in return. Note, check it also since many ask to confirm this e-mail. Step 9: Bottom line real marketing that gets results. Most of the so called tools you may find are old information like FFA, are a great ex.

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