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official told reporters said the future is likely to

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  1. Han guns, but the government response to the risk of ineffective. Professor Lee believes that in the future two people, regardless of who wins the presidency, is difficult to really make a difference in the gun control issues coach outlet as Obama and Romney. The gun culture is hard to shake the only "prevention is better than cure While Obama and Romney is not included in the shootings of the main topics of his campaign, but the revolver frequent caused widespread concern of the coach outlet online public and social, one can not help questioning the shooting massacre why frequent occurrence In this regard, Li Haidong, professor of the Institute of International Relations of Foreign Affairs pointed out that the emergence of this phenomenon from a variety of practical factors, including domestic unemployment problem is serious sectarian sectarian conflicts will arise and gun culture prevalent. "Since the financial crisis, the U.S. unemployment problem has not been solved properly, employment difficulties will cause some people to extreme way to express their dissatisfaction., Li Haidong think, people can easily access and use of a firearm under the premise, it is difficult to avoid some of the spirit The sound of the crowd misuse of firearms led to the tragedy. American society shootings are frequent, but a recent poll shows that most Americans, especially whites, still insists that possession of firearms is a constitutional legal rights. Li Haidong stressed that the prevalence of the "gun culture" is a very important factor in shootings frequent. The FBI .Estimates that about percent of U.S. households owning firearms, about million guns in private hands. In addition, each year there are five million new guns by private purchase, even gentle female pistol as a carry objects. In the United States, the sale of guns ads everywhere, citizens need only submit a registration fee, you can get the three-year permit to carry weapons. The nation's largest gun control lobbying organization to prevent gun violence Brady Campaign has said the proliferation of firearms, one of the shooting tragedy occurred on the premise, It could not effectively control the guns, coach outlet store online the American louis vuitton handbags people again and again to pay a painful price. Victims of gun violence do not want sympathy, but action. Li Haidong, gun rights are fundamental rights conferred by the Constitution of the United States, it is difficult to shake. The United States can only strengthen the public on the purchase of guns and gun qualification examination, increase public reasonable gun persuasion and education, as far as possible to take preventive measures. EndKong Qingling Yonhap news agency reported on , the Japanese parliament to be adopted by a resolution demanding that the Japanese government as soon as possible on the disputed islands of Japan and South Korea Korea called Dokdo Takeshima in Japan called the effectiveness of management . It is reported that this resolution draft the on Limingbodeng Island fierce criticism , demanding that the Japanese government to the disputed islands coach factory outlet online of Japan and South Korea as .Soon as possible effectiveness disposable , and South Korea asked the Japanese government from the political and legal aspects dealt with severely . Lee asked to apologize to the Japanese emperor remarks , the draft argued that this was extremely rude behavior is absolutely not allowed . Democratic Party of Japan and the Liberal Democratic Party and other opposition parties on the resolution copywriting adjusted , in the week before the House of Representatives and the Senate plenary session , to be adopted unanimously by the way .Recently, around the Diaoyu Islands issue larger storm, which is closely related to the the Japan domestic political factors. Major changes in Japan's domestic political situation brewing, the occasion of the combination of the differentiation of the political arena forces to win people's attention, the struggle for political plus, some political forces in Japan are trying to reap political capital to incite and speculation Sino-Japanese relations. The impact of the Japanese domestic factors on specific issues in the development of Sino-Japanese relations and the Diaoyu Islands and the risks are of concern. Conservative forces is the confluence of Japan, many analysts believe that, in recent years, Japan's national strength growth is relatively slow, and people on social development exists a certain discontent, "conservatives" influence Japanese politics with rightist color enhanced. Moreover, unlike in the past, these exist at all so partisan "conservative" forces are gathered, trying to work together to control the direction of the development of Japanese politics. The behavior of the domestic part of the political forces in Japan on the Diaoyu Islands and the Shrine, this year is the outward manifestation of this political arena "undercurrents". As one louis vuitton bags Japanese official told reporters said the future is likely to happen is that the conservative forces of the different political parties eventually together and long-term control of the regime, "and these people, perhaps you Chinese seems rightist" focus added. Can .

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