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  1. The the three strict prohibitions "Rules for the Implementation of the released some time ago, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang" reform and strengthen the management of the official reception, as well as the implementation of official reception aroused widespread concern of public opinion, on the one hand, users called "in the history of the most detailed official reception standards, on the other hand, some questioned whether such a standard is meaningful. The official meal "in the end how to eat? Left to the people is still heavy thinking ... one who can identify the "corruption on the coach factory outlet online tip of the tongue? "Now who is not missing a meal, the new requirements for most of the civil servants 'liberation', some activities no longer need to participate." Wenzhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection introduction of this "three strict prohibitions provides the implementation of the official reception Since the Implementing Rules "hereinafter referred to as the" Articles ", one in Wenzhou Ouhai work civil servants this Pingjiapogao to. "City units shall each other entertained," to accompany the meal shall not exceed the number of reception party "this" hard "provisions month less three or four times to socialize. In the rules, there are a lot of similar Yinggang Gang, for example, "working meals does not exceed yuan per person, the official reception monthly publicity Report" the city unit shall mutually dinner "," parameters wings abalone wines may not serve "...... why a level official reception rules should require so specif .Ic? Front, who has long been engaged in the work of the grass-roots cadres, said "in the local super-size, high-standard reception to become accustomed to drinking to be accustomed to noon reception, to twelve guests accompany eat also have to become accustomed to a table of people ..." For a long time official reception suffered criticism, one of the problems is that too can be "free to grasp the" vague standards, rules, In order to try to clear the "gray areas" in the official reception around there is louis vuitton bags no lack of exploration and try. For example, in the s, Beijing issued a notification on reception standards, which clearly states that the cadres at and above vice-ministerial level including the vice-ministerial levelper person per day for food standards up to more than yuan bureau level or less including Board levelcadres per person per day the highest standards of food does not exceed million if it proves necessary dinner per person per meal should not be higher than the day of the reception standards, and strictly control the number of people to accompany the meal reception in any unit shall not under any pretext wine , abalone, bird's nest, shark's fin and Maotai, Wuliangye the domestic liquor ... "In , Wuhan City, the city government agencies announced the official reception six ban", including "engaged in official activities in the city, in principle, coach outlet online arrangements and accept entertain meal training and learning within the city, the prohibition on the lower levels, between departments, units between each other using .Public funds to accept an invitation to dinner by various names barred from receiving may affect the impartial performance of official duties dinner period, shall not be used public funds to accept an invitation to dinner with each other " party and government organs, Shaanxi Shangnan official hospitality management approach explicitly stipulates that" working meals Standard Provincial corps level leadership of yuan per person per day municipal leaders per person per day standard the leadership of the county level per person per day standard yuan. " Although the times are changing, but around the launch reception under the core meaning nothing more than two rigorously enforce pragmatic frugality, extravagance and waste is strictly prohibited. Just all over looking for a more effective, more in line with the corruption of the actual containment "tongue" standard. Wenzhou launched the implementation details, no doubt in some respects the right "corruption on the tip of the tongue" - the number of reception, hospitality funds, reception dishes, reception area, a tremendous amount of disclosure supervision, investigate and deal with methods. For this reason, the National School of Administration professor bamboo house commented "Wenzhou new planning reception range and standard, offers some lessons for the governance of luxury reception, is a useful attempt." layers "ban" No control of a mouth? Public still hot Wenzhou Conditions, July , the louis vuitton handbags State Council announced the Government Offices Administration of the Ordinance. The .Scope and standards of the Ordinance on the official reception, budget management and accountability clearly states "The people's governments at all levels shall, in accordance with the simplified etiquette, pragmatic and frugal principles of management and administrative regulations as China's first coach outlet specialized specification organs transaction management activities, standardize official reception work official reception fee is included in the budget management, strict control of the official reception fee coach outlet store online scale and proportion in the the authorities running total budget in the budget and final accounts regularly publish the official reception fee violation of the provisions of the plot heavier give demerit or demerits punishment, the circumstances are serious demoted or dismissed from his post. "Coincidentally, the Wenzhou official reception to the new regulations once became the" Regulations "the right time" interpretation ", especially in the control of the" mouth " given on a template. Bamboo Tateie that the Ordinance that the central governance luxury reception determination. However, if you look closely retroactive related policies and regulations, we will find similar legislation in the past is not without. In , the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council "to go out on the simplification of the leading cadres at all levels to work for the reception of certain provisions of the" requirements "leading cadres outings, arrangements shall not live to receive foreign guests, overseas Chinese luxury ho .

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