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other floor accessories caused

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    <p>4, members of the floor to buy a free gift air test card (a value of 150 yuan) 5, members of the floor to buy free maintenance of the floor more than once the relevant content for this event, the next special issue of the US Evening News will be reported more detailed Group buy price information ,</p>
    <p>So stay tuned, all the famous square staff look forward to your visit.Recently, Ms. Tao told reporters: new house occupancy less than three months, the floor and the wall at the edge of the skirting board appears discoloration, moldy, and even termites .</p>
    <p>She found the flooring business reasoning, but has been unsuccessful. Experts tell her: This is due to the use of inferior skirting and other floor accessories caused by the phenomenon. According to Ms. Tao introduced last autumn, she went to the flooring market to buy new home renovation floor,</p>
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