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people don't even think about homosexuality

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  1. According to CCTV, Moscow time on May 7th at noon (Beijing time 7 days afternoon), in March of this year Russia's election of Vladimir ? Putin in the Kremlin's inaugural speech.Putin said, after cheap coach purses he took office, Russia will further expand the freedom of human rights and freedom of the press, and continue to promote economic growth, make Russia as a nation, make people's life better.It is reported, in 2012 third as Russian coach factory outlet online President Putin.According to the approved an amendment to the constitution, the president is coming in 2018 he.American media analysis, the United States of Philippines is considered the driving force behind contend with china.The United States announced to the Singapore warships, repeatedly with the so-called &ldquo ” international rules; pressure, will undoubtedly make the current situation of the South China Sea more complicated.According to American media, the United States Navy for sea warfare rear admiral Roden said in May 9th, the United States will be in the coach factory outlet spring of 2013 sent the first batch of new naval vessels to Singapore, and local resident for 10 months.The ship in Singapore Free “ ” the battleship will be responsible for the personnel rotation, logistics and maintenance ship etc..At the same time, the United States military top 9 to push Congress Senate approval as soon coach outlet online as possible "the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea", an attempt to international law through a “ &rdquo to be right and proper; on the South China Sea issue.A period of time, the United States parties in the South China Sea issue often take the "United Nations Convention on the law of the sea" as &ldquo ” international rules; to China ", but the United States Senate has yet to approve the &ldquo ” international rules;.Control of Malacca Strait is a new fulcrum of recent American military presence, strengthen the Asia-Pacific region moves frequently.Last month the first Marines stationed in port Darwin Australia, holding the Philippine-American “ side by side — 2012” joint military exercises, and introduced to the Singapore in the Littoral Combat Ship plans.

    It is reported, the Littoral Combat Ship is the latest research and development of a battleship, it can exceed the speed of 40 knots, capable of performing combat, minesweeping, anti-submarine, surface warfare and other modular mission.Be responsible for &ldquo ” freedom; on the Littoral Combat Ship deployment tasks Jim · major general Murdoch said in a conference call, “ ” USS comprises 40 core crew control, in Singapore during maintenance does not require too much space.However, he said, suggesting a less than 40 U.S. permanent resident of Singapore, including the United States Navy personnel and the Contractor's personnel.In addition, when the United States warships anchored in Singapore to carry out routine maintenance, also need other people out of.Murdoch said, the headquarters in Hawaii in the United States Pacific Fleet continues with the Singapore government consultations, discussions in Singapore resident warships details.Reuters 10 day says, located in Singapore, strategic position is very important in the Malacca Strait, the United States President Obama proposed last year to return to &rdquo “ Asia-Pacific; strategy, strategic focus from the Middle East began to be transferred to Asia-Pacific area.While this strategy three fulcrum is, to Singapore to deploy the Littoral Combat Ship, in Australia in the Marine Corps and the strengthening of military cooperation with Philippines.Not long ago, this reporter went to interview in Singapore, Singapore port office building overlooking the Strait of Singapore, a container ships and oil tankers like a giant &ldquo &rdquo go forward with great coach outlet store strength and vigour; fleet; through the Strait, is waiting.These ships sailed west, then via the connecting India and Pacific oceans strategic waterway — — Malacca strait.According to statistics, the global 1/3 transportation of crude oil, nearly four into the trade through the guttural thoroughfare.

    According to reports by the Korean Central News Agency, the North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman on 6 permanent members of the UN Security Council issued a joint statement in answer to a reporter's question kcna.Spokesman, North Korea will rely on the nuclear deterrent, and vigorously promote the nuclear power industry development.Spokesman, recently, permanent members of the UN Security Council at the meeting issued a joint statement, with North Korea peace satellite launch issue, to halt its nuclear activities and coach factory outlet online to abandon the nuclear deterrence.This is the use of the United States of America its hostile policy toward the DPRK, against the autonomy, the peaceful use of space and nuclear power serious illegal acts.The spokesman said, North Korea will rely on the nuclear deterrent, iron bastions to safeguard national sovereignty, vigorously promote peace universal development and nuclear power industry development, construction socialism powerful nation people enjoy.United Nations Security Council five permanent members of the UN Security Council 3 issued a joint statement, called on North Korea nuclear test in the new show restraint, or by region of the state of serious safety concerns.A joint statement said, “ (for the North Korean nuclear issue) we called on North Korea to take further action to show restraint, including any coach factory form of nuclear test, otherwise it will cause the serious national security concerns area.” the Security Council's five permanent members of the UN Security Council statement also reiterated: “ strongly support the relevant parties at the right time to open the six party talks ”.

    The United States Republican candidate for president Romney 10 in their school age “ foolish coach purses outlet behavior of ” a public apology, caused the wide attention of.Romney day by radio Fawkes to have suffered his teasing middle school classmate apologizes.He confessed himself in high school have made a number of practical joke too, so “ to have been hurt or offended people. ”.He added, he now has &ldquo ” start with a clean slate;."Washington Post" 10 published a lengthy article, by searching for Romney many middle students, opened in the dark side of Romney's early life.The article says, 1965 Romney in a Michigan aristocratic boarding school — — Karen Brook high school, have special moves, including forced to cut a new hair.This practical joke victim John Lauber (John Lauber) ? “ he was scared, scared crying ”.Lauber alleged homosexuals, died in 2004."Washington Post", Romney also taunt over the rest of the class, for example on the male student Gary ? Hummel (Gary Hummel) called “ good girl ”, and Hummel is also believed to be gay.As the "Washington Post" mentioned above are practical joke victim coach outlet store online homosexual background, thus Romney had to emphasize that, he didn't know the Lauber et al is gay, and that the 60's last century, people don't even think about homosexuality.Homosexuality has become the focus of the current American, due mostly to President Obama in 9 days suddenly expressed support for same-sex marriage, get gay warm response.Romney and Republicans opposed, but now only with caution.Although the Obama camp deliberately people on gay issues, to fight against Romney, but Romney has the opportunity to strengthen his homosexuality through criticism in the Republican party.Election analysts have pointed out, the current people pays close attention to most still is economic problem, Obama at this time choose to support same-sex marriage to his election brought substantive promotion.10 of the associated press poll, more than half the population of the United States economy is not optimistic.On the same day Gallup and Rasmussen poll showed Romney, slightly ahead of Obama.

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