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plenary session of the start of the year

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  1. Spring is the season full of vigour, but also hopeful moment.Today, shouldering the expectations of the people, keep people dream, nearly 3000 coach factory outlet NPC deputies gathered in cheap coach purses the Great Hall of the people in China, that is business plan, a meeting of the twelve coach factory outlet online session of the National People's Congress opened big screen.This is a great event in the political life of our country, we to congress hold express enthusiastic congratulation!

    The eighteen opening party the new journey of well-off society, the new central collective leadership to open up a new situation of reform and development, national rejuvenation "Chinese dream" new hope 1300000000 people.This background, making the conference carries greater expectations.How to unify the will of the people, party favors for the will of the state, how to work up the rejuvenation of the "Chinese dream" national attention, attract worldwide attention?.

    The people's Congress system is the guarantee of fundamental political system be in power for the people.The National People's Congress is the highest organ of state power, is very important in the political life of the country.Over the past 5 years, adhere to the scientific and democratic legislation legislation, from the formation of the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, to innovate coach factory supervision form, let the people's deputies to participate more effectively in the management of state affairs, the National People's Congress fully proved very fruitful work, adhere to the leadership of the party, the people be in power, the rule of law, along the track of socialist democracy and the rule of law steadily forward, can play the superiority of the system of people's congresses, continue to promote social progress, improving people's well-being.

    History and reality tell us, is closer to the dream, the road is more difficult.Today's China, is already the world's second largest economy, is facing the deep change, development mode reform challenges.Key coach factory outlet online nodes in the Renaissance, give full play to the system of people's Congress political advantage, develop democracy cohesion force to tackle tough, promote the rule of law to improve governing effect, can the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics forward.

    The people's Congress is an important organs through which the people exercise state power, socialism with Chinese characteristics is the hundreds of millions of people of their career.Nearly 3000 NPC coach purses outlet deputies from every region, ethnic, active in all aspects of each field,, is good at absorbing the wisdom from people's practice to create, to obtain power from the development of the demands of the people, can better reflect public opinion, pool their wisdom, cohesive force, to develop people's democracy more extensive, more fully, more perfect, mobilize and organize the hundreds of millions of people to master's attitude to join in the construction of modernization.

    The rule of law is the basic way of governing the country, the spirit of rule of law is the solid foundation of civilization.The party's eighteen big to comprehensively promote the rule of law, accelerate the construction of the new requirements of a socialist country ruled by law, the National People's Congress of great responsibility in the construction of rule of law, the task is arduous.Grasping scientific and democratic legislation, grasping supervision according to law enforcement, can better play the National People's Congress as the supreme organ coach outlet store online of state power function, promote the formation of strong power of governing the country according to law.In the new starting point, continue to strengthen and improve legislative work, and constantly improve the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, improve the ability to use the rule of law and rule of law thinking way of deepening reform, promoting development, resolve conflicts, maintain stable, can realize the rule of law, administration by law, administration according to law to jointly promote the construction of rule of law, promote the whole society under the rule of law, rule of law state government, reform and development, long period of stability, to provide a more solid foundation.

    As of March with joy, I have thought the mountains green.2013 is comprehensively implement the spirit of the coach outlet online spirit of the eighteen party and the eighteen one, the second plenary session of the start of the year, the twelve session of the National People's Congress and its Standing Committee is the first year of performing their duties according to law.The National People's Congress is shouldering the National People's trust, that is trust, is the responsibility.Believe that the deputies to the National People's Congress will enhance overall situation consciousness, coach outlet store people's consciousness, responsibility consciousness, exercise their functions and powers according to law, the meeting is democracy, unity, truth-seeking, ah

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