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Should pay attention to in the supervision mechanism

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    Report from our correspondent frail king Ganli leaned back in his chair, looked at 3 children one eye is decocting medicinal herbs, turned and cried.At the age of 43, Wang Ganli is Bolian Zhen Wu Cun Wei Hui Wu Lingao County, West Village, do the sanitation workers in Sanya before.Last year, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.More unfortunately, do the sanitation workers together with his wife, Wang Shaohua, also in the last year was diagnosed with rectal cancer.The sanitation workers couples were diagnosed with cancer, the family was in trouble."If the money, even to save a line.However, we now have no money, only at home and wait for death.For us the most upset is, one day we go, how life of young children."Wang Ganli looked confused and helpless.

    Reporter Chen Biaozhi text / chart

    Before the onset of the meager income to live

    On the morning of 12, the people under the leadership of the town, the reporters came to the Bolian Lingao County Wu Cun Wei Hui Wu Xi Cun Wang Ganli home.This is a very simple farmhouse, low house, the house is not a decent furniture.To see the reporter, sitting in a chair Ganli king bowed, nodded, greeting.Then, his eyes moist, long time silence.

    Wang Ganli's neighbor Wang Ximing told reporters, Wang Ganli and his wife Wang Shaohua was diagnosed with cancer, "if there is no money treatment, well a home so, young children are too poor."Reportedly, this year 43 years old king Ganli and Wang Shaohua of 37 years old before being diagnosed with cancer, do the sanitation workers in Sanya city.

    "Do the sanitation work, although the couple's wages are not high, but one family life go."Wang Ximing told the reporters, Wang Ganli eldest daughter, 14 years old, on the sixth grade in primary school, the youngest son was only 8 years old, on the second grade primary school.In 2008, the couple through the village people, to Sanya Mingjia cheap coach purses garden sanitation company do the sanitation workers; in 2012 April, two people of husband and wife to the employment of Sanya Ebizal human resources company limited, sent to the sanitation company engaged in sanitation cleaning work.

    "When they started working, monthly wages 900 yuan, until now up to 1600 yuan, to the whole family to eat meal."A lady in the village that.

    The couple was suspended from no income

    Last September, Wang Shaohua suddenly felt abdominal pain, to Hainan province Sanya Nongken hospital, was diagnosed with rectal cancer.This was the poor but happy family suddenly in trouble.

    Then Wang Shaohua hospital treatment, her condition could be controlled through chemotherapy, but huge chemotherapy fees for her and step back.But under Wang Shaohua E. operation row of single.Even so, Wang Shaohua has spent nearly 50000 yuan.Wang Shaohua tells a reporter, operation only half, after she only coach outlet by hanging a bag in the abdomen, the stool through the catheter into the bag."The disease is torture, I coach factory can not be sedentary."Wang Shaohua said.

    Disasters pile up on one another., in December last year, Wang Ganli was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.Accept only several days of treatment, the king Ganli because no money to give up the treatment coach outlet store of home."My disease is difficult to cure, leaving young children how to do?"Wang Shaohua chokes me up.

    Now Wang Ganli had been Sanya Ebizal human resources limited company suspended, nobody in the family economic income, 3 children all by the king Ganli brother Wang Ganqiong to take care of them.

    Three kids after school to help parents Decoction

    12 noon, 3 king of the children Ganli's home after school, he put down the bag busy parents suffer Chinese medicine.They hope that parents can get well soon.

    "It all depends on you to help us donations, otherwise we can not to today."Wang Shaohua said.

    Wang Ximing tells a reporter, Wang Gan learned that the family misfortune, the villagers spontaneous donations, two village Wu Xi and Wu Lao Cun donated 7000 yuan."We are you fifty, I one hundred donated, everyone is not rich."Wang Ximing said, the villagers had pity on them, they too bad.

    Mingjia garden sanitation workers do couples king of nearly 12000 yuan donation.

    Wang Ximing told reporters: "want to appeal to the society more and more people through the media, to give help to the poor family, two couples will be able to save a."March 14th (Thursday) at 3 pm, a meeting of the twelve session of the National People's Congress news center is a theme in the media center multifunctional hall held a press conference, ": Reform of the medical and health system".At the press conference guests: Deputy Director, national development and Reform Commission of the State Council deepening medical and health system reform leading group director of the office Sun Zhigang; Deputy Secretary, deputy director of the financial department of the State Council deepening medical and health system reform leading group office Wang Baoan; human resources and social security vice Minister of the State Council, deepening the medical and health system reform leading group office of the deputy director Hu Xiaoyi; Vice Minister of health, deputy director of the State Council deepening medical and health system reform leading group office of Ma Xiaowei.

    [People's daily, reporter] I want to please the horse minister introduce, what progress has been made in the reform of public hospitals?What measures will be taken to maintain the public welfare of public hospitals?Thank you.

    [Ma Xiaowei] medical work next step, we generally speaking, the establishment of two mechanisms, the return of the public welfare of public hospitals is very important, this is also the core content of the reform.The establishment of a just compensation mechanism, public hospital reform now into the deep water area, in the final analysis, is the establishment of a compensation mechanism problem.Establishing the compensation mechanism, mainly depends on three aspects: one is to increase government investment in public hospitals, including the basic construction investment, large equipment investment, retired personnel capital investment, and the subsidy policy loss of public health emergencies.To ensure the implementation of the four, the public hospital go to the battle-front without any burden.

    The two is the reform of payment.Payment reform is the core content, our years of implementation of the project fees, project bonus, the existing purchase service pattern, especially between medical institutions and patients under the condition of asymmetric information, such as purchase service pattern must be made by the third party to supervision, must change the project addition way, remove the incentive system of excessive medical treatment.To solve the problem how to do?We must take coach outlet store the total prepaid, disease management, DRGS, capitation and other forms of payment, the payment according to the level, scale of hospital is different, can take different forms.In a word, to the health, increase the mechanism of incentive and constraint to the medical institutions.This mechanism is completed, it should be said that our reform will obtain apparent progress at.

    Third, straighten out the price system.This is a very important problem, also a lot of debate during the NPC and CPPCC, can be said to have been the topic in the heat.Our doctor's technical services prices can be recognized, medicines and equipment prices can be reduced, the medical staff of this policy, the more excellent talents can be positive incentives, I believe, the development of medical and health undertakings will lead China towards a more healthy, will help us strengthen medical ethics construction, standardize hospital doctor behavior.So the price coach outlet system is very important in the reform of compensation mechanism.Only in this way, our public hospital can develop healthily.

    Should pay attention to in the supervision mechanism, supervision and management of the hospital internal, this is the relationship between the compensation mechanism, how to build a consistent with the doctor occupation characteristics, medical quantity, quality, the risk degree and satisfaction degree of patients as sign, public welfare as the core of the salary payment system, is coach outlet a very important we this reform.In short, the rapid development of China's medical insurance, requires us to reform the management system and operation mechanism, as soon as possible to establish a set of adaptation to buy service pattern compensation mechanism and supervision mechanism.

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