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Siamese Rosewood

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    <p>collect rose (Siamese Rosewood, thailand name Phayung -- handkerchief always, chinese name hands in branch of foot yellow wingceltis, bright red diy upvc porches acid) and be arrested. Sign up for according to Thailand countryman (The Nation) reported on September 19, 2017, the government office breathing out Le that is located in this country he orchid the</p>

    <p>monitoring camera that installs inside national park on September 18 (on Monday) evening films the illegal pilfer that comes from Kampuchea to 9 wpc manufacturer in Poland forest person. Warning is issued in monitoring network after a hour, a team that forms by 50 polices is in that evening 9: 30 arrest this 9 people. The administrator that occupies wooden cladding exterior in south africa Thailand state </p>

    <p>park discloses, the some in these 9 Kampucheans once was in the congener incident in the past had appeared, but be released because of evidential inadequacy,no expansion platform flooring next repatriate Kampuchea. Xian Luo Mei rares wood is called to hand in branch of foot yellow wingceltis, bright red acid in China, a few environmental protection organize a warning, this </p>

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