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Simple Fix for Fut Market

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  1. <p>At first I hated price ranges, but now that so many players are affordable I think they should stick, and I have a way that I think will make the market healthier.

    The biggest thing to keep the market flowing is new content that people want. TOTS, TOTY, fifa 16 coins, Futties make it enticing for people to want to open packs because the cards in those packs are unique and worth while. Each time those packs were released this year, the market flourished (with price ranges). You could find great deals, players were selling, and if you are patient you can get most players for their min. When those packs are gone, players go extinct because no point of opening packs for an IF Gerrard.

    So first solution is cool Futties type of thing all year round since obviously TOTS is at the end of the fifa cycle. One week have voting for top speedsters, another week have voting for top defense men, then your favorite under 76 rated CB or something different, and cool along those lines.

    Second is league or tournament specific packs. For instance, whenever there's a new cheap fifa 16 coins tournament, players specific to the tournament go extinct or sell close to max. To combat this, release special packs specific to the leagues that the tournament involve. That way, if there is a tournament that requires 4 players from NYCFC and LA Galaxy, have special MLS packs.

    Those two things with the data collected from FUT 15 on what's the best range for price ranges, I think will make the market healthier and make the game more fun because players will be easier to attain through playing games/grinding.
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