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States national unemployment rate by

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    According to Reuters Chinese network reports, the United Nations and the Arab League jointly appointed Syria envoy Annan said Thursday days, he will urge the president of Syria Assad and the opposition to war, and cheap coach handbags to seek a political solution.But the move was strongly condemned by the opposition.Annan said in Cairo must stop the killing, we need to find a way, put forward proper reform and advance. Annan is expected to arrive in Damascus on Saturday.A Syria opposition activists to Annan's appeal issued a warning, saying it sounded like as a warning to Assad Assad ldquo, can be excited suppression of the revolution. with the world of Syria constant pressure, Syria deputy oil minister Huw Shah May Martin announced that the defection.This is also in Syria since the outbreak of the crisis, the country's first turnover of senior civil servants.At the age of , Huw Shah May Martin said, he that betrayed the family will bring crowning calamity.As Syria neighboring Tunisia and Turkey opposed to the outside world Syria armed intervention, Amman also opposed to further military conflict in Syria. The United States Department of Labor issued regional and state employment and unemploy .

    Ment of show, this year in January, , the unemployment rate drops, states level, only the New York state unemployment rate increased.To seek re-election of President Obama of the United States, this is a good report card.Economy is the most important topics of the United States of America election this year.Analysts here believe that the November election, decisive battle phase, the United States unemployment rate will remain at around .Therefore, this year's election would be a close battle.World War II in order to fall, still without a sitting president of the United States in the unemployment above . won re-election.Reagan in the general election won re-election, when the unemployment rate is ..In the elections has a crucial influence on several swing states, unemployment rate change trend is particularly advantageous for Obama.Newest data shows, January to January, the United States national unemployment rate by an average of . percentage points, of which the state's unemployment rate fell percentage points in the above.In these jobs data excellent state, Maine, Missouri, cheap coach bags Minnesota, Oregon, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Colorado and other states to influence important elec .

    Tion battle, including Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Colorado four state more key.Come one year, Michigan state's unemployment rate fell . percentage points, the largest decline.In fact, Michigan state and Florida's unemployment rate remains high at and ., more than . of the national average unemployment rate is much higher.But improved Obama ldquo rdquo absolute advantage.The United States of America election experts believe that, relative to the rate of unemployment unemployment rate in absolute numbers, the development trend of the psychological impact of greater for voters.The Obama campaign has been started to use the current employment situation, the high-profile publicity Obama palm politics since ldquo rdquo of manufacturing industry recovery and the effect of economic policy, cheap coach purses especially in the industrial Midwest state propaganda of Obama government bailout of auto industry achievements.American auto industry in was on the verge of collapse, has now coach handbag outlet become the central and western regions and economic growth.In the automotive industry to drive, the United States of America manufacturing employment for two consecutive years of increased, turned round since manufacturing jobs .

    Have been reduced fatigue.The decline of manufacturing are regarded as American economic recession and the decline in the competitiveness of a deep-seated reason.The same employment data, Wang Ling-side peaks as.Republicans pointed out, the economic situation of the United States could be better.The Republican primaries leader Romney says, American unemployment rate in the past three years has been more than , that Obama has not succeeded, but this is our to chase his reason .The American people on the economic situation of the feeling is not only lies in the low unemployment rate.The current high oil prices, wage growth is slow, many voters feel that not enough money to spend.But here the analysis thinks, if the United States unemployment rate declining trend has been able to maintain to the November election the decisive stage, Obama hope of winning will increase.Washington correspondent Yu Xiaokui .

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