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States shall endeavor to promote Chinese power

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  1. Data Figure Lee boarded Dokdo inspections triggered strong dissatisfaction BEIJING , August , according to Kyodo News , the Japanese Foreign Minister Genba Koichiro criticism of South Korea in the final accounts of the Senate Committee meeting on May the actual control of Takeshima South Korea says Dokdo as Foreign Secretary for the consideration of the relationship between Japan and South Korea since the Democratic administration has avoided the use of this wording . The Japanese Foreign Ministry said that since the ruling Democratic Party of Foreign Minister in public for the first time the issue of Takeshima use In the ruling Liberal Democratic Party in , the Japanese government license in the statement of defense to use Genba expressly mention South Korean President Lee Myung-bak board Takeshima issue Some analysts believe that the government turned to take a tough stance is intended to avoid the Takeshima issue is called weak diplomacy . On the other hand , the South Korean Foreign Ministry officials said Thursday , a personal letter addressed to President Lee Myung-bak , Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda Takeshima Korean Dokdo returned to the Japanese side , the confrontation between the two sides to further deepen . Genba the status quo Takeshima stressed However, in view of the actual control of the northern territories of Russia recognize the existence of the territorial issue , Genba coach outlet store online motioned will not call Russia Data Figure in May this year, Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie visited the United .States to meet with U.S. Defense Secretary Panetta U.S. . From Nixon to Obama, the President of the United States is committed to diplomacy, trade, scientific cooperation and educational and cultural exchanges with China contact. Since the mid-s, the U.S. government has louis vuitton handbags also taken measures to maintain favorable power balance in East Asia. With an increasingly powerful China, the United States has increased military deployment in the region, strengthen strategic cooperation with traditional allies, new partnerships with other countries share a common concern. The goal of the contact part of this strategy is to make China's integration into global trade and international institutions, to prevent it from challenging the status quo, to encourage China to become the Bush administration said the current international system, In recent years, U.S. policymakers have been hoping to trade and dialogue help to eventually become a liberal democracy. Washington's coach factory outlet online China strategy, the other half belongs to the checks and balances part, the goal is to maintain stability, prevent Chinese aggression or intimidation. The recent series of events marked with a big question mark for the two parts of this strategy. Economic and trade relations between the two Pacific countries greatly praise, but frequent friction. Beijing hopes to strengthen cooperation, but nothing to help Washington solve the pressing international issues such as the North Korean nuclear program. Finally, not only do not accept the status quo, but more strong to control its coa .Stal waters and resources. As for the balance part, China's military strength continued to improve, while the U.S. military is about to be cut down, which indicates that the regional balance of power toward conducive to the direction of Beijing's rapidly changing. Order for louis vuitton bags the strategy to be effective, must be adjusted. The United States must first promote the checks and balances part, to respond to China's military buildup. The Obama administration initially action in the opposite direction, but the practice began to change in . U.S. officials have begun to coach outlet emphasize the importance of checks and balances. The Obama administration has even designed a slogan to describe the intent With the end of the action in Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States will The United States to strengthen the checks and balances, while in China, also must continue to engage China. U.S. officials through words and deeds, they hope to develop the best possible relations with China. But they need to get rid of the habit of exaggerating the actual achievements and areas of cooperation, understanding of the problems and differences between the two countries. Diplomatic talk-helpless in to soften Beijing views Washington intent, but will give the American people and AIA passed unrealistic picture of the status of US-China relations. China's recent belligerence caused worries many of its neighbors, the latter are more inclined than ever to join forces. They welcomed the tougher position in Washington, but are unsure whether the United States has the r .Esources and determination to support its rhetoric. Whoever is elected president, must dispel these doubts. Develop and support contend with a credible strategy of expansion in China, as well as to take tougher measures on economic contact, both are important. Contact and the checks and balances of Beijing, the United States shall endeavor to promote Chinese power to achieve George Kennan the era of the Cold War Author Aaron L coach outlet online Friedberg, Wang analysis translated .

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