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the day of the visiting Pakistani Prime

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  1. 450 years ago old debts to wrap old debts in Berlin wraps Berlin , according to Xinhua News Agency, the eastern German town of Mittenwald may become the world's richest towns , if Berlin is the capital repayment of 450 years ago , the debt owed . Berlin Brandenburg Radio reported on 18 Mittenwald town historical scholar , Schmidt found a 1963 file archiving proof of debt , the town lend 400 gold in Berlin on May 28, 1562 , convention rate of 6% per annum . The amount of debt has risen to 11,200 gold coins, roughly equivalent to $ 137 million . The Berlin Brandenburg Radio estimation , considering compound interest and inflation factors , the Berlin government may be required to repay the coach outlet online debt in trillions of dollars . Schmidt told Reuters reporters , despite the lost file sealed , coach outlet store online proof of debt still has the force of law . Since 1820 , the town at intervals of about 50 years on the to Bo Linsuo To arrears, to no avail . Schmidt and the town mayor Pfeifer same attempt debt payment to Berlin . Nussbaum , Berlin officials to meet with them , symbolically handed over a 1539 gold coins . Gold coins in the town museum temporary exhibitions . Berlin debt, may find it difficult to pay off debts . Report released in June this year by the the Berlin financial management department , the city nearly $ 77 million in debt .North Korea refers to the Korea-US plan bombing leaders bronze statue recently arrested more than The bronze statue of Kim Il Sung. The South Korean government confirmed that this man was living in South Korea on the 20th, and at the same time denied any involvement in the destruction of a conspiracy.

    The suspect exposed himself to the Korean Central News Agency reported on the evening of 19, the DPRK day in the capital Pyongyang held a press conference, the participants, including foreign media correspondents, by an attempt to undermine Kim Il Sung bronze statue arrested suspects confessed the facts of the crime. Reported that middle-aged man named Ying Zhe (phonetic), the authorities have recently arrested a number of terror suspects. Full Yingzhe TV coach outlet online screen confession attempt to undermine the bronze statue of Kim Il Sung, said before he sneaked back to North Korea to accept the blasting technology training, ready to bring the liquid bomb on the bronze statue of the implementation of remote blasting. The implementation of the plan of the destruction of the whole Yingzhe date initially scheduled on February 16 or April 15, the 100th anniversary of Kim Il Sung's birthday and the late supreme leader Kim Jong-il's birthday marks the 70th anniversary, in order to achieve the purpose of the destruction of North Korea to celebrate atmosphere reasons, but ready aground. Given the explosive device In the middle of the night of June 18, full Yingzhe ready to sneak into the territory of North Korea the familiar modus terrain by the DPRK arrested. Blame the US-Han Quanying philosophy in a press conference confession, He left Korea in April 2010, defected to South Korea to accept a few months adaptability education to settle in South Korea. He said the leader of the Korean Organization of a hostile contact with him, to convince him to engage in sabotage. Soon, the two South Korean intelligence officers to meet with him to provide the technical support of the destruction plan. The full Yingzhe, South Korea promised, the destruction once booted, he will get a coach outlet considerable amount of remuneration.

    Earlier this week, the DPRK announced the arrest of an unknown number of traitors, and recognize that they are going to destroy the leader of a bronze statue, the mastermind behind South Korea and the United States. South Korean Unification Ministry confirmed on the 20th, full Yingzhe by North Korea in 2010 defected to South Korea, DPRK to identify the ROK involved in sabotage activities South Korea's National Intelligence Service officials said, the full Yingzhe claimed contact several coach outlet South Korean side intelligence personnel does not exist. Another South Korean officials believe that the DPRK identification is a kind of propaganda, designed to divert attention.The British Prime Minister, a surprise visit to inspect British troops committed to continue aid after the 2014 withdrawal of troops, according to Xinhua News Agency, British Prime Minister David Cameron on the 18th, a surprise visit to Helmand province, southern Afghanistan, met with senior officials and inspect British troops in Afghanistan. Cameron said that after the withdrawal of the British troops in Afghanistan in 2014, the UK will continue long-term support for Afghanistan. Said nothing about the troop withdrawal program Cameron, the day arrived in Helmand provincial capital Lashkar Gah. Before the trip, the United Kingdom not to disclose the news. Helmand provincial police spokesman, said Cameron held talks with Arab officials in the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah, the acting governor and police chief, the two sides have carried out consultations on the handover of security and defense. Cameron the day to inspect the camp of the British troops stationed Bath application. News conference, Cameron did not specify a British troop withdrawal program, only to have confidence in a smooth transfer of the security and defense of the British troops to Afghanistan. Promised not to abandon the Afghan presidential spokesman, said Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai in Kabul on the 19th met Cameron held a joint news conference. Cameron said at a news conference, after the withdrawal of foreign combat troops in Afghanistan, the international community, including the United Kingdom, will not abandon Afghanistan, when the multinational force will be converted to the assistance and training roles. Cameron earlier in the day also signed an agreement with the Afghan government, the United Kingdom will be with reference to the pattern of the British Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, to help the Afghan National Army to build a new army officer training academy, for A Fangpei raising high-quality Army commanders. Afghan officials said, Cameron will hold tripartite talks with Karzai and the day of the visiting Pakistani Prime Minister Ashraf. In addition, Cameron will also meet with senior Afghan peace Chairman Rabbani to discuss the reconciliation process in Afghanistan. The domestic still controversial Yingjun about 9,500. Previously developed in accordance with the British troop withdrawal program, the withdrawal of 500 people before the end of this year, and other man-withdrawn before the end of 2014. British If completed by the end of 2013, troop withdrawal, the British government can save 3 billion pounds (about $ 4.7 billion) in fiscal spending. Some senior military officers opposed, said the accelerated withdrawal of troops may be the cost of the loss of existing military achievements. Reuters a British senior officers in the 18th news sources reported that Cameron is more inclined to the gradual withdrawal program.

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