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The European club commandeer 31

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  1. In this month's ranking, the European club commandeer 31 out of the top 50, led by nature is Brazil the World Cup in Germany. South American football team has six seats in the column, the fifa 17 ps coins data is lower than 10 African team. In North America and the Caribbean has three former 50 teams, and no other Asia and Oceania team can enter the top 50.

    It is worth mentioning that the Chinese national team ranking dropped 11, fell to no. 99, the lowest position is the team's last five months. And the old Asian rival South Korea and Australia have hit the bottom line, 69th and 102th respectively, their respective national historical low.

    After the preliminary competition for the win over rivals Greece, faroe islands not only led directly to the Greek coach claudio ranieri's class, also let them become the biggest team progress this month. Directly to the faroe islands of insuring 82, becoming the 105th in the fifa 17 ps3 coins world. Integral dropped most of this month is Egypt.

    Failed to enter next year at the equatorial guinea African cup of nations final phase of the dominant force less than 131 points last month. Dropped 23, and Iraq become a team ranking dropped most of this month. BY here now... come on! so great!

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