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The hot Gucci, which package should you buy?

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  1. Every design of Gucci is simply a visual feast, and every one is beautiful! After reading Fake Gucci New Bag, Miss Simi became not calm!
    In addition to the world's favorite Bacchus bag, there is the most popular Sylvie ribbon bag, there is a girl heart, there is a Queen Fan, the trend of graffiti, even the girl who does not like to buy a bag can not help but see more! Come and feel the big grasslands that you planted casually! Simply eye-catching!

    Gucci 2018 introduces two Replica New Gucci Handbags that use the bamboo logo.

    The name Nymphea comes from the water lotus, also derived from the Greek and Roman mythology, the nymphs of the water and pearls on the hair and long skirt.

    The collection is made from fine leather and bamboo handles decorated with pearls. The Lilith collection of handbags cites the legendary first wife of Adam, the human ancestor of the symbol of gentleness and freedom.

    In addition to the unique hand-made bamboo handles, this series of handbags also presents a new element of Gucci: the king snake.

    Its tattoo shape is on the edge of the flap of the Replica Luxury Handbag, and the green crystal inlaid on the metal snake head makes the snake's eye shine.

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