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  1. JP Morgan huge trading losses will stimulate the government has introduced a series of regulations, the regulations are part of the Dodd - Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (especially for proprietary trading Volcker rule), which will JP Morgan and other activities of the bank's more stringent restrictions. Volcker rule allowing banks to hold inventory assets as a market maker and proprietary trading, but can not be used. The only difference between the two terms is very difficult, which is why the regulatory drafting process delays. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission hearing on May 31, a former banking regulator Sheila Bell said that louis vuitton bags if the banks want to get the support of the government, they should not be high-risk transactions. A week earlier, in the hearing of derivatives regulation, the Chairman of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, Senator Tim Johnson also said: allow people to reflect on whether it is necessary to fully subsidize those agencies responsible for monitoring the swaps. swaps appears to be the core of corporate hedging strategies. . An anonymous hedge fund manager, said: JP Morgan chief investment office to escape detection in this storm. Christopher Whalen said internal JP Morgan chief investment office problems two years ago, you know, because senior management had been discussed internally creating value number, a headquarters in New York of the Tan Jiete (Tangent) coach outlet store online Capital Senior Manager Office of billions of dollars of reserves. no hedging transactions, then you need to go and see what they are doing in the end. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is reviewing the accuracy of the documents of the first quarter, JP Morgan Chase, Dimon summer must appear before the Senate Banking Committee, he was asked to provide details of the lead to the loss of chief investment office conducted a series of complex derivatives trading. To stop, Damon to take decisive action. Matt Zan Holmes, he dispatched a trusted lieutenant to replace retired Aina Drew, to become the new chief investment officer. Zan Holmes, 41-year-old, he is not only proficient in the credit markets, but also know how to deal with failure - the explosive growth of the hedge fund company in 1998, he served as LTCM traders. He was one of the 2008 JP Morgan Chase acquisition of Bear Stearns, the main personnel, currently he is to succeed in the future Dimon candidates. coach outlet Although the event due to trading losses, Dimon's reputation damage, in the eyes of some people in the industry, however, he still benefit from the questioning. Memphis Guggenheim analyst Marty (Marty Mosby), Moz than these will not affect next year JP Morgan outlook.Oracle is strengthening efforts to investment in the Chinese market . Yesterday , Oracle announced and original Oracle's Asia Pacific senior vice president of consulting services Pan Shaohai to succeed Lu Ruwen as Oracle Senior Vice President and Managing Director , Greater China . Luru Wen was promoted to managing director of Oracle Greater China is only about a year . In the first half of 2011 , Lu Ruwen also the post of vice president of Oracle Greater China, the application software business . Oracle official statement said Lu Ruwen for retirement rather than resignation . The executives adjust , to Oracle Global CEO Mark Hurd China soon . A few days ago , Hurd China convened a number of media in China , stressed that China's global strategic to Oracle . He said that Oracle will strengthen technical inputs and sales ability . Technology building programs , including the In during Hurd China , Oracle also announced its growth plans . The plan pointed out that Oracle will increase the number of regional offices in China in 2012 to 22 branches of its business will cover almost all the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government , and these areas account for 90% of GDP , and the establishment of 4 R & D center and a solutions center , as well as a customer support center . As of 2011 , the Oracle about 25,000 customers and 14 branches in China . Reported Oracle's 2012 fiscal year revenue of $ 37.1 billion , a year - on - year growth of 4% , operating margin was 37% . However, the revenue data were not reflected. On four or five expansion projects in the voices of doubt in the environmental protection, the United Laboratories (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd. owned power plant construction was nearing completion. All the way west along the G6 Beijing-Tibet Expressway Linhe East exports towards Bayan nur Economic Development Zone, the direction of travel about 15 kilometers, the first to break into the line of sight of two giant This thermal power plant iconic building as if coach factory outlet online the reporters feel intruded into immediate is Linhe thermal power plants, and also remind front of reporters not far from the Economic Development Zone in Bayan nur. But with the car's front line, the line of sight is constantly clear the reporter had the feeling dramatic overthrow Linhe - this is not a thermal power plant, but a principal part of the project is nearing completion of new thermal power plants. Suddenly, the urge to find out spontaneously. So, the car door in the wall ring up site stopped. Door and looked down the main construction of the power plant has been basically completed, broad site occasionally see the kingdom of several scattered migrant workers during ground leveling operations. North of the new power plants close to a neat row of plant, if not the row of plant exudes a sour smell reminded looming, the reporter is difficult to imagine the immediate new captive power plant is TUL. Use Federal Pharmaceutical own words, this is a four or five year project the power and heating plant. This expansion of federal pharmaceutical high hopes once again to consolidate its leading position in antibiotic bulk drugs market. However, for other thermal power plants Bayan nur TUL with the Department of Economic Development Zone, and perhaps not a good news. Interview, the reporter found that the position in the the federal pharmaceutical factory area northwest corner of the straight-line distance of about one kilometer, the Huaneng Group's thermal power plants Linhe. Huaneng Group publicly available information, the Power Plant Phase II is put into operation, will reach 30 million kW units installed capacity, power generation not only provide a long-term power protection for the rapid development of the industry Linhe area, and will also surplus the generating capacity of connected Ru Mengxi the grid. It is reported that the thermal power plant Linhe a unit of 300,000 kilowatts, the Phase II expansion of 300,000 kilowatts units still waiting for the National Development and Reform Commission approval. In addition to the above Linhe thermal power plants, according to the official website of the Development Zone, Bayan nur, using crop straw construction Zhaoxin raw material thermal power plant 2 × 15MW power generation projects nearing completion. Clearly, in Bayan Nur economic development zone within the electricity and heat supply is sufficient. Then, federal pharmaceutical captive power plant is how smooth the way to obtain the approval of the building permit it? With this question the reporter interviewed the relevant departments. Power plant construction granted no authority to approve, only the National Development and Reform Commission to grant. difficult to obtain the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission. Regarding federal pharmaceutical captive coach outlet online power plant construction, situation, we do not see the relevant procedures in this project. so, you would still the local NDRC understand. The judgment almost consistent with the the above autonomous region NDRC, the representation of Bayan Nur City Development and Reform Commission. Development and Reform Commission approved the Bayan Nur City Development and Reform louis vuitton handbags Commission official told this reporter.

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