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  1. Lead poisoning can be really hard to detect as people with high levels of blood often seem to be healthy in the early stages. In most cases , symptoms and signs of lead poisoning doesn’t appear until the lead in your blood reaches dangerous levels. And if we didn’t have enough to worry about with bullets and all those shootouts, turns out that getting shot could also expose you to lead poisoning. And that’s just another reason to encourage a switch to lead free ammunition!

    How is it a Danger Really?

    According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 450 people were diagnosed with high levels of blood due to gunshot wounds between the years 2003 to 2012. The report says that this lead comes from fragments that end up staying in the body and are not removed. These fragments are hardly ever reported, but are almost always a major cause of lead toxicity. In most cases , symptoms are non-specific and can appear years after one suffers from a gunshot wound.

    According to Debora Weiss, a CDC epidemiologist who works at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, common signs of lead poisoning include abdominal pain, memory loss and fatigue. Gunshot wounds cause 115000 injuries each year in the United States , and roughly 70% of these aren’t fatal. However, these bullets aren’t usually removed unless the procedure is easy, less painful and not dangerous, and in most cases , the bullets used aren’t lead free ammunition.

    Weiss and her team consulted a database of lead toxicity in adults from 41 states. Out of the 145000 cases found, 450 could directly be attributed to bullet fragments that were left behind in the body.

    The Damages Caused by Lead

    Lead at any level is toxic. When the levels rise above 10 nanograms per decilitre, a person can suffer from issues such as miscarriages, brain damage , kidney damage and high blood pressure. In fact, 17 of the457 patients had levels of lead that were at least 8 times higher!

    Lead doesn’t just affect adults and kids. It can also kill wildlife and affect nature. The bullets enter the blood streams of predators and scavengers as hunters often leave behind carcasses of prey animals. Lead even enters groundwater through weights that are commonly used in fish tackles or through fish that are already subjected to lead poisoning.

    Young children and unborn babies are the most affected by this dangerous metal as it can easily destroy developing brain tissue and nerve cells and the effects simply cannot be reversed. One of the modern extensions to the wide areas of fitness and swimming machinery in the market is known as Swim Spas. This is one of the fitness equipment that can be connected at home. This is because a swim spa is a cost-effective and compressed preference. The profit of fixing one at home is that you can have an efficient workout schedule in it. These also grants you to perform the entire exercise procedure. In addition to this, it also comes with a hot tub quality. This provides you with a surrounding in which you can rest after working out in the spa. Another cause to fix a swim spa at home because it offers the numerous numbers of health benefits. Here are some of the entrenched health profits of using a swim spa:

    Muscle Strengthening:

    The swim spas enhance your muscles and reduce all stored body fat. This is generally known as protection training. To learn this, you will have to exercise and swim in opposite direction to the force of water in the training machine. This force is highly energetic and is developed by various ducts and jets in the spa. Including the muscle build up and enlivening , swimming in a spa also simplifies weight loss. This is because it ignites cellulite and decreases the fluid maintained in your body.

    The resistance training in a swim spa is secure even though the water is pushed on to your body at huge speeds. This is because the water provides airiness and elasticity that cushions your muscles from facing burden and injury. This is the reason why the comprehensive exercise routines are comparatively protected in spas.

    Relieves Arthritis Problems:

    The people are suffering from arthritis can gain extremely by relaxing in <"http:swimspasourceswim-spa-modelsvitality-16-series">Dual Zone Swim Spa equipment. This is due to the water gives better potentiality for secured movements of muscles while exercising. When the damaged parts are exercised in this method, the power of muscles and bone increases. A spa is also useful for those who are going through an arthritis improvement in affability of muscles and relax their firm joints. So, the water in this workout equipment drops the gravitational force on the body. Like this, it diminish the load on arthritic areas.

    Reduction of Pain and Stress:

    Swim spas apply hydrotherapy jets , which is efficient in soothing the body parts that are damaged or full of pain. Swimming in the swim spa equipment can help to ease the chest and back muscle pain. As because, in this machine, the blood vessels expound. This promotes improved blood flow. So, the gain in blood circulation softens body muscles especially in the chest and back area.

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