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    Warwickshire 247 and 2 for 1 need a further 394 to beat Surrey 252 and 390 (Sangakkara 88, Curran 62, Wright 4-75)Scorecard Kumar Sangakkara has just returned from helping Jamaica Tallawahs win the Caribbean Premier League. It is a tournament that makes no impact in England, and nor should it with the county season in full swing, although apparently there are people in high office at the ECB who are terrified that if it takes off further it could have a devastating effect on the health of the English game.Whatever, Sangakkara is back from the badlands and playing his first Championship match for Surrey for two months. He could be forgiven if he was disorientated, struggling to adapt to the demands of life near the foot of Division One, and at 38 he could certainly be forgiven for being a little weary, but he does not do half measures. Wherever he plays, he plays with utter conviction, the transition made without complaint or a hint of unease.There is a Surrey relegation struggle to address and, for three-and-a-quarter hours, he did just that, his composed 88 pronouncing that all would be well. With a lead of 38 at the start of the day, and nine second-innings wicket remaining, the game was keenly balanced, but Surrey looked secure when they were dismissed shortly before the close, setting 396 to win. Warwickshire, their Championship challenge fading fast, lost Ian Westwood to Tom Curran in the first over and look consigned to batting out the final day. If they fail, they could also be dragged into a widening relegation mire.Ian Bell, who has come to captaincy late in his career, has not made the weight of runs expected this season as the role has consumed him. Its been a frustrating three days and couple of weeks actually, he said. Win this game we are in the mix, lose this game then we have got to fight for the rest of the season to make sure we are still in Division One.Its not panic stations but I want the guys to be fighting for Warwickshire. Tomorrow is a day when we go out and bat the day. I hope we have that mind set. Its not about waiting for the next game. It is the most important day we have had this season.Sangakkara does not just bat, he coaches. At the end of every over, often in the middle of an over, batting methods are underlined, bowlers discussed. The Caribbean one week, the West Midlands the next, and in both his senses are working overtime. When Jason Roy came out to bat, he walked most of the way to meet him, imploring and advising, aware that the game was in the balance.Thanks to a strikingly short boundary on the Hollies Stand side of the ground, it was possible to study Sangakkara in close up on one of the hottest days of the season as he efficiently dominated the offspin of Jeetan Patel in a match-up that turned the game in Surreys favour, athough Patel might have had him caught at the wicket, dabbing, on 76. One elderly Warwickshire supporter was armed for the task, seat chosen, sunglasses and cap donned, with his wife trailing unhappily behind in a flowery dress. This isnt out of the sun, she chided.As Sangakkara pushed a gentle single, and the sun poured forth its bounty upon him, he tried to ignore the message in the forlorn hope that it not be repeated, but about a minute later (to him it probably seemed longer), predictably it was and together they trudged to the shade at the back of the stand, a lifetime of concessions re-enacted.The ball had swung on the first two days and the contest had been eagerly contested, but now the batting side held sway. An attritional morning slowly shifted Surreys way. Rory Burns fell lbw for 49 to a full ball from Oliver Hannon-Dalby, but Stuart Meaker, the nightwatchman lasted beyond lunch in making 41, his highest score in two years, before he was caught behind pushing forward to Patel.An England tour place in Bangladesh and India awaits any spin bowler able to lay claim to it. Zafar Ansar is one allrounder in the reckoning, although his career has stalled somewhat since a hand injury scuppered his debut tour to the UAE last year. Chris Wright had him caught at the wicket during a decent heat-of-the-day spell, and Ansari will hope to stand out more with the ball on the final day.Roy played delightfully for 36 before Keith Barker removed both him and Sangakkara to catches at the wicket in consecutive overs immediately after tea. At 263 for 6, Warwickshire had a glimmer of a chance if Surreys tail fell quickly. Instead, the left-handed pair of Steve Davies and Sam Curran clobbered 102 in 17 overs in an aggressive seventh wicket partnership.Davies passed 1,000 first-class runs for the season on his way to a chirpy 42 and Curran struck 62 off 56 balls in an innings of delightful improvisation, the most audacious of his three sixes being a one-handed leg-side pick up against Hannon-Dalby. There is no perkier, more talented young cricketer in the country. England should waste no time getting him into the Lions set-up. Charles Hudon Jersey. To the surprise of many, it isnt the Wolverines but their in-state rivals the Michigan State Spartans. Phillip Danault Jersey. Q: Team Canada announces their Olympic roster three weeks from today. Who is general manager Steve Yzerman watching? LeBrun: Over the last 48 hours, hes taken in the home-and-home between the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche with Jamie Benn and Matt Duchene being the obvious targets. Ibaka equaled a career high with 20 rebounds, adding four blocked shots and 15 points as the Thunder smothered the Milwaukee Bucks offence in a 92-79 victory Saturday night. Henri Richard Jersey. He said Tuesday thats a big reason why he is now the new coach of the Tennessee Titans. Whisenhunt said he hit it off quickly with Ruston Webster when interviewing for the job Friday night. David Schlemko Jersey. -- Ryan Getzlaf grabbed the three pucks wrapped in tape and held them up to his chest in the Anaheim Ducks dressing room for a celebration nine seasons in the making.Day one of the UEFA A licence (part 2) was broken up into four different lectures. To say that there was a lot of information to process would be an understatement of enormous proportions. The first lecture, which ran from 9:30am-12:30pm was delivered by Billy Dixon, a performance coach from Portadown, NI. Billy has worked with various national football federations, Premier League clubs, Irish Rugby, an F1 champion, major media outlets and various corporate clients. He spoke about confidence, and explained the concept that confidence is very much a transient characteristic. When players suffer a dip in form, it isnt that they lose their ability; they lose their confidence. According to Dixon, one of the challenges of being an elite coach lies in understanding what motivates and drives each and every one of your players. He explained that there are two passions in life - love and hate. The things we love can include football, money, fame, family and friends, while the things we hate can include losing, failure, dishonesty or laziness. There is no right or wrong answer to this, because everyone will have a different list of things they love and hate. A successful coach is one who finds out what his or her players are passionate about and uses that as motivation to maximize their performance. Dixon defined the difference between talent (something you are born with) and ability (something you learn to do). It is his belief that one doesnt need talent to be successful, but one does need ability. One of the exercises that Dixon had us complete was something that we had all done before - we wrote down our strengths and weaknesses. He then added five characteristics that he claimed were essential in creating a successful team. Strategic - Someone who can see the vision of what the end goal is; someone who sees the big picture.Tactical - Someone who can map out the route from where the team is currently to where the strategic goal is. Instinctive - Someone who can see things that others cannot. In football, this is typically a creative player who often defies instructions but is capable of producing match-winning moments of individual brilliance. Practical - Someone who just gets things done. Bonder - Someone who brings everything (and everyone) together. As a coach, you may have some of these five characteristics as strengths, but you might also have some of them as weaknesses. The truly great coaches, Dixon believes, make their strengths stronger and bring in people that make up for their weaknesses. Dixon outlined some practical solutions to dealing with stress - an inevitable byproduct of working in professional football. The one that stood out for me was helping others. Dixon said that by doing so, you change your mindset from looking inward to looking outward. It is his belief that behaviour changes attitudes and he outlined how your posture, walk, eye contact, smile and tone of voice can all impact your players. How you relate to them will largely affect how they respond to you and the secret to success is to build loyalty. If you make your players feel important, you will in turn earn their loyalty. Dixons presentation was excellent, and while much of what he said might seem like common sense, there is a problem with common sense - it isnt very common. After a quick break for lunch, we were off to the University of Ulster in the afternoon for a lecture delivered by Faye Downey, MSc., who is a strength and conditioning expert and performance consultant. Her presentation was entitled Training for Rate of Force Development and Power. The training of professional athletes is increedibly complex, and the area of strength and conditioning is one of the most likely areas where an elite coach would look to bring in a specialist.ddddddddddddAn expert with Downeys knowledge and experience should be viewed as a very valuable asset to a professional football club. Downey explained the principle that power is equal to force times speed and that power is very much limited by the athletes ability to generate force. She went on to discuss three of the five power-training options she utilizes (Olympic lifting, complex training and plyometrics) as well as the potentiation effect, whereby force training is immediately followed by speed training in order to maximize results. It was an overload of scientific information that left many coaches scratching their heads - further underlining the need for strength and conditioning experts in the game. Just before dinner, we had a lecture from Gail Stephenson, who is the head of Orthoptics and Vision Science at the University of Liverpool. Since 1996, Stephenson has also been a consultant for Manchester United. Stephensons presentation confirmed just how in-depth and thorough the world of professional football has become. Over eighty per cent of the information that players need to make informed decisions on the pitch comes from their vision. Yet, physiological vision function and performance analyses are not routinely performed at football clubs. Well, they are at Manchester United. Stephenson outlined the three most important aspects of vision: peripheral vision (the ability to see objects and movement outside of the direct line of vision), binocular vision (the ability to maintain visual focus on an object with both eyes, creating a single visual image) and spatial awareness (a persons ability to judge where they are in relation to the objects around them). Here is a truly staggering statistic from Stephensons research at Manchester United. The general population has a central orientation to their spatial awareness (whereby their perception of where they are in relation to objects around them is central to their field of vision) in just three per cent of cases. In Manchester Uniteds first team squad, the percentage of players with a central orientation to their spatial awareness is ninety per cent! When asked if she believes that this is an indicator of potential for Uniteds Academy players, Stephenson said that they are currently researching this possibility. After dinner, our final lecture was a lively discussion with Nigel Best, the Irish Football Associations Performance Manager, about the merits of the 4-3-3 system of play. With 25-plus A licence coaches in the room, there was plenty of opinion to go around. The discussion centred on the roles and responsibilities of the players, depending on what formation was being utilized within the 4-3-3 system itself - one holding midfielder or two. In ideal circumstances, my preference is to play with one holding midfielder. Other coaches had different preferences, but one thing we all agreed on was this: the choice of system (4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-5-1) and the type of formation utilized within that system is entirely dependent on the characteristics of the players the coach has at his or her disposal. This underscores the importance of the coachs ability to profile players, so that he or she can then choose a system and formation that best suits the players strengths, and minimizes their weaknesses. It was a very busy first day, full of information and thought-provoking discussion. It was a great start to the course and one that leaves me looking forward to tomorrow. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

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