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Twenty-three of the twelfth

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    Twenty-three of the twelfth lunar month is a small year. On this day, people basically prepare the new year's goods. Open the refrigerator, chicken, duck, fish, sugar []Cigarette Online[/url], drinks, and cakes. Everything is complete, and it will have a taste for some years.r twenty-three, the adults led the children to pick new clothes and waited for the New Year. Most shops have closed and are going home for the New Year.y is New Year's Eve, the elders are making New Year's Eve at home, and the children are paired with the couplets and stickers. In the evening, the whole family sat around to have a reunion dinner and watch the Spring Festival Evening. Children should say a toast with water instead of wine. Every household has to set off firecrackers this night. In the past 12 years or so, I have to give a wish to the "God of Wealth" and hope that I will be safe and happy in the coming year. This night, thousands of families are sitting together, talking and laughing. Such a celebration, such a New Year's Eve, it is the New Year's Day. After having breakfast, I have to go to my elders and relatives to celebrate the New Year []Carton Of Newports[/url]. The elders should distribute the prepared red packets to the children. At noon, you should also eat reunion dinner and worship the "kitchen god."om the second day to the sixth day, friends and family are coming to the door and to celebrate the New Year. The host must prepare the finest meals and treat the guests warmly.e Lantern Festival comes, the year is coming to an end. On this day, people have to go to the lantern festival, fireworks, and the Lantern Festival. This is a lively and grand Spring Festival! Spring Festival is over, people should go to work, children should go to school, farmers should cultivate, people are working hard, and looking forward to the next Spring Festival!The selfless lotus leaf is ordinary, but it is selfless. It has no light lotus, no pear blossoms, no peach blossoms, just silently stained the summer pond. The lotus flower has been waiting for it, the lotus leaf has sprouted, and they all tell me that summer is coming. The lotus leaf is like a disc, green, and the lines above are clearly visible, like a beautiful gold thread embedded in it. The largest lotus leaf is as large as a table; it is as tall as a small tree; the pole is as thick as a water pipe; the fluff on the pole is as long as a thumb. Unfortunately, it is in the middle of the pond, so I can't really appreciate its beauty. What other people appreciate is pink lotus. Under the support of many lotus leaves, the lotus flowers stand out from the crowd and are beautiful and moving. The delicate petals, the golden flower, and the green flower rods are the highlights of people's praise. Who is really beautiful? It is lotus leaf. There is no lotus leaf lining the lotus, standing alone and standing, will it look beautiful? It can only be ridiculous. The lotus leaf not only sets off the lotus on the surface of the water, but also constitutes a paradise for underwater fish. The lotus leaf grows densely on the water, you are carrying me, I am carrying you. Let the underwater fish enjoy the shade under the sun, and play the game of hide and seek in the water []Newport 100S[/url]. Sometimes shuttles and lotus leaves, sometimes jumping and beside the lotus leaves, people can even feel the pleasure and coziness of the fish. The lotus took away its scenery []Online Cigarettes[/url], the lotus leaf worked harder to set off the companion; the fish built a paradise with the nature, the lotus leaf lifted the power to lift the giant umbrella; the frog bent its branches []Marlboro Cigarettes Price[/url], and the lotus leaf tightened its torso���� Occupy its buds, the lotus leaves are more tenacious and out of the water. Without the lotus leaf, the lotus has no beautiful clothes, the fish has no playground to play, the frog has no stage to sing, and there is no place to live. The lotus leaf is obscured and selfless. She is like a mother who unselfishly gives her children the same love and never asks for a return. Its beauty exudes a charming radiance of motherhood. Summer is coming, I love the beautiful lotus, and I love the selfless lotus leaf.

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