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Wayne Rooney for Manchester United is extremely necessary

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  1. As the team captain, Wayne Rooney for Manchester United is extremely necessary, clearly Red Devils coach Van Gaal conjointly hope Rooney will play with the most effective mood hat.

    Last year, Manchester town midfielder Yaya - Toure sad not received the club brought in their own cake, or perhaps leave the scandal unfold. And Van Gaal joked represent Manchester United won't create such a blunder, "I don't assume Manchester United can forget a fifa 17 points ."

    30-year-old players within the Premier League on goal before the highest ten:

    Rooney 187

    Shearer 176

    Henry 174

    Fowler 152

    Owen 146

    Andy - Cole 136

    Robin van Persie 122

    Robbie - Keane 121

    Defoe 116

    York 107
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