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    <P>Data Figure U.S. troops B bombers and F- fighter stealth combat combination of war early to depth the enemy depth of attack key objectives. U.S. Cable News International CNN, February article title three military programs in Syria's growing violence in Syria and the United States and the international community is a dilemma. Although Russia and China vetoed a Security Council draft resolution on condemnation of the regime of Bashar al-Assad leaving the situation became critical, but the current situation was also grim for how to deal with the situation, we have no good programs. Libyan way Syrian factions and ethnic groups can not borrow too fragmented distribution, leading to Libya-style combat ineffective. Bashar and its army is still too strong, the content simple small-scale peacekeeping operations is difficult to succeed. Peacekeeping force in trying to into Syria would be subjected to a the Bashar regime of blocking. Given Syria's land area, and where a large number of forces figure, if we invasion of Syria, may face a complicated situation like Iraq and terror. So, we go from .</P><P></P><P>The three major military feasible options. The size and scope of these programs are limited, so the effect will not be too significant. I am not inclined to any one program, but only to give strong support and participation in the League of Arab States and NATO, we can consider taking these programs. However, if the situation continues to deteriorate, we can not stand idly by. Be used in three military programs air and sea military operations through punitive encourage some people to cheap coach bags launch a coup against Bashar. This program is designed to to convince Bashar cronies oust the leader, and signed a power-sharing agreement with the opposition, as the premise of the suspension of sanctions and punitive military action. The two most viable ways through the naval blockade to prevent Bashar exporting oil or importing certain products, as well as by the limited air operations to destroy the regime cherished assets such as the Office of the President. Option Two launch a Balkan-style campaign. According to the air combat philosophy, and Fouad Ajami, published in the United States, for the bo .</P><P></P><P>Mbing of the city, the Syrian Army's heavy weapons. In line with this program, we can also set up a no-fly zone against Syrian military helicopters and other aircraft. In addition, we can provide weapons to the Syrian opposition, the same now, to do so may increase in the near future - rather than reduce the incidence of violence. Option Three Using the external ground forces of the Air Force, and a moderate amount of for Syrian residents set up a security zone, specific locations may be located in Syria and northern regions neighboring coach handbag outlet Turkey. This program will reference our modes although Saddam Hussein was still in placeto provide protection to the Iraqi Kurds in the s. However, in Syria this model will be more difficult. Whether from natural geographic or demographic point of view, any form of security zone set up in Syria are not very logical. All programs need to risk the Syrian population is too scattered, the establishment of such a security zone is not practical. The actual establishment of safety zones in the northeastern part of Syria, but that does not help much threatene .</P><P></P><P>D Syrian people. Thus, such tasks can only play a limited role in the protection of innocent people on. However, in accordance with the development of the situation, we may be able to put this program and the program in front of combine, and encouraged a more powerful force at the core of the resistance movement. New resistance movement will safe area as a supply base and refuge, the ultimate challenge to the rule of Bashar. All of these programs do not have a decisive force. All programs are needed adventure. For its part, these programs are only in the further deterioration of the situation can be considered. However, now on public view perhaps not too early - we are going cheap coach purses to tell the Syrian regime. In addition to Bashar own self fall, we also hold other programs. Although I hope to own falling, but if cheap coach handbags we think that the Bashar regime will soon fall of its own, that is too optimistic. Author Michael O'Hanlon Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Figure Iran show the domestic the debris medium range missile Reference News Network reported on February warned Iranian armed forces depu .</P>

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