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    • Record the duration of increased temperature exposure. For example, the temperature of the freezer was 0 degrees Fahrenheit at noon on day 1 when the power failed; 15 degrees Fahrenheit at 6 PM on day 2 when the power was restored; 10 degrees Fahrenheit at 10 PM on day 2; and 0 degrees Fahrenheit at 7 AM on day 3. This information about time/temperature duration can enable calculations to be made by the product manufacturer, in consultation with FDA as necessary, about the continued potency of the involved products. How to get a Leukeran No Prescription
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  3. Record the temperature in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as possible after power is restored and before the temperature has begun to drop again. Continue to record the temperature at periodic intervals until it reaches the temperature range indicated on the product labeling as appropriate for product storage.


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