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worker notice safety

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    <p>processing factory (dot) chief and worker notice safety in producing a course, examine manufacturing facilities case at any time, floating deck on concrete slab assure safe production. This second action, press down processing factory of 7 place lumber to Guangxi Le Li in all (dot) undertake discharging checking, the platoon is checked rate amount to 100% , check a </p>

    <p>circumstance to look from the platoon, le Li presses down 7 lumber processing factory (dot) did not exist obvious safe hidden danger, Wood Plastic Water Channel next, will fixed or station of forestry of Le Li town is nonsked to area under administration Neigemu material processing factory (dot) undertake discharging checking, Brown Vinyl Privacy Fencing be versed in this shaped becomes lasting </p>

    <p>effect mechanism. Peaceful fragrance river is special repair is little messy corrupt lumber company 9 month 5 days morning, peaceful fragrance 6 Wide Concrete Deck Planking river town is small messy corrupt conference of special repair work is in lumber company party card building the 2nd assembly room holds 5 buildings. Deputy mayor Zhao Anyou, bureau of bureau of</p>

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